Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Words from Elder Tyler Johnson in Kansas

"this week was a very hard week. but at the same time the joy that came from it was amazing. Its very difficult being in the position I am in. having not allot of time left I feel like I don't have enough time. every second I get I try to make it the best that I can, trying to do better each day. I have been doing all I can to be a righteous leader and servant of god. I have never studied the scriptures so intimately in my life. but threw all of this I have learned allot more of my covenants and also the ordinances I have performed, I have learned the symbolism behind them and it put a new feeling in my heart. it has given me a new outlook on life. Each day I view people more as who they really are, and I feel godly sorrow for how much they are living below their potential and don't realize it because they cant find this truth. I have built a testimony that all who have taken upon them these ordinances and are striving to obey them, our father in heaven is able to more effectively fulfill his plan of happiness by putting us, his servants in their path to help them and if we are keeping our sacrament covenants we will always remember Jesus and truly have the desire to bring that person to the knowledge of this gospel. I testify to you in humility that we all are sons and daughter of God and if we do not love our brothers and sisters enough to bring them to this knowledge of truth by serving them than how can we truly love our father in heaven? as we serve our brothers and sisters we are also serving our god. I love my father in heaven and he is my best friend. He has helped me walk in his light by teaching me a step at a time what I need to do. I love my family and my mother. without your good examples my life would have not turned out the way it is know I love all of you!!"  

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