Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Words from Elder Brandon Day in Oklahoma

"Well its been a pretty slow week here in the city, we've been snowed in all day 3 times this week, and we had 3 other days full of conferences we went to, so we haven't been able to work much in our area. One of the trainings we had this week was about testifying and to always be holding a Book of Mormon and give one away every chance we get. It sounds difficult but its pretty fun! On Friday the roads were still a little slick from the snow and we were driving down a busy street and someone stopped in front of us so we stopped, then someone ran into the back of our car. Our nifty little bike rack that comes equipped on all the awesome mission vehicles took the impact and saved our car! It was a 17 year old girl that hit us and she was pretty scared and nervous because she had never hit anyone. So we got her information and everything then we told her who we are and what we do. We ended up giving her a Book of Mormon and she agreed to hear a message from us! Crazy miracles happen all the time! It was a pretty cool experience even though we got hit, but that doesn't matter. Hopefully we get to teach her soon! But great things have happened since we have been carrying a Book of Mormon everywhere, and we've given away so many. We're starting to find more people because of it and its been such a huge blessing for us. I challenge all of you to give away at least 1 Book of Mormon in the month of March, and if any of you get that chance email me about your experience!! Great blessings will come to us all as we strive to spread this amazing gospel!"

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