Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Words from Elder Chandon Herring in Washington DC

Well once again another great week in the greatest mission in the history of life. Soon to be competing with Portugal haha. Well we had transfers this week. I am staying here for one more with Elder Levi
and we now have sisters in the ward! Woohoo! They are great missionaries too. My district has grown to be one of, if not the biggest district in the zone! I might just be dramatic but it is big. We have 15 people. Needless to say that call in's every night take forever! But that is ok I love hearing about their areas and what
they're up to. This coming Saturday we finally get to go to the Oval Office! I am really excited!

Today has been a normal pday. We got up and lifted, my arms are done, and then we ate and are now at the church playing hockey! Hurray! I also scored a goal! In like 12 weeks of playing I have scored a goal two weeks in a row and am getting
better! I really enjoy playing. Sadly not on ice and if we did play on ice i would be dead...

Tonight we have dinner and a lesson with a
former investigator. I don't know him but he does not seem very solid since he is no longer responding to us trying to confirm. Haha. 

Tuesday... Chuck out Tuesday! This is known for being a lazy day around
the mission because people need to pack. We had some good stuff though. Ok I made a note in my journal that today was a struggle to get up. I did on time but it was not easy at ALL!!! Haha we all have
those mornings. It is nice having a companion that tries his best and is up on
time. All day was super cold to me. I got all bundled up for studies.
I also had 4 meal appts! We had IHOP for breakfast because it was free pancake day for some reason, then Elder Parker made me waffles, then sister Mays of the College Park ward made us ribs! She is so cool. You would all love her. And for dinner Ryan fed us. At sister Mays home I made the mash potatoes for her. She is just the bomb. Elder Lematua had to eat a scotch bonnet pepper too!  Haha he died. It was so bad I felt bad for him! Jk I laughed for a long time. But it put some hair
on his chest. And humbled him. We were busy and when we were in for
the night I made cinnamon rolls for our district. Yes I am the best district leader ever! They were soooooo good to. Then at about 10:25 I got a haircut from Elder Greding. I did it super short so I don't have
to worry for a while.

Wednesday... Transfers! Always such an exciting meeting when a lot of
areas are white washed and people are getting new comps. It gets more
intense when I actually know the missionaries ;) haha there were a lot
of changes. My area in DC3rd is now a sisters area! WHAT!?!?!? Sisters
in the city! No way! I am sad that my area was changed a lot and sisters are in it. Grrr. Right after we hustled over to Stephons home.  We gave him the Aaronic Priesthood with the Elders Quorum president, Ryan, under the direction of Bishop. It was good to finally get it
done. We had a long meeting with the new sisters next telling them about the area and answering questions. Then institute. It was a great lesson. We watched a general conference talk by president packer
called The Pattern of Our Parentage. It was from 1984 and was great! We had a good night.

Thursday... Snow day!!!! >:( I really do not like snow that much now... There was like a full blown blizzard in our area and we were
shut up. So we planned and studied and then studied Lehis dream specifically for a while.  We had a good lesson via text with a former investigator in Delaware. And we have an Olive Garden across the street so we got permission and went for Elder Parkersburg year mark. Good day.

Friday... Once again no use of our car... But we were able to go out today. Before we did we had our normal routine and then deep cleaned the house once more. It looked good for a few hours then lazy
missionaries messed it up.... Grrrrr. Mom you would have lost it. I almost did haha. Not really it happens everytime. We Took the Metro to the city and contacted. We got a good potential investigator. He
was a cool guy. We were not planning on talking to him specifically but we did and it was great!  We had a good dinner with some members that we are trying to get married.

Saturday... Today was a long but good day. I started by going to the leadership training meeting again. It was great. We have great
leadership. President Cooke is a great motivational speaker. We are all fired up for the transfer. This is a critical one with a lot of things changing. But we can do it! And then the worst thing that could possibly happen did... Daylight savings... Grrrrrrr. This time we lost an hour of sleep noooooooooooooo!

Sunday... We woke up at what seemed like a good hour before normal. Oh
wait it was! >:( but life will go on. We had actually one of the most effective Ward Council meetings ever in this ward!  Then the classes were just great. Only false doctrine in one and It was only that we are born in sin so no big deal. Haha  We also had a lot of people sign up for our
meal calendar so the important stuff is taken care of. :)  We had also one of the best gospel principles classes. For some reason when people teach at church here they just read the book and do not deviate
at all. But this time Jordan taught and there was a lot more discussion and he used more scriptures and questions than the book. It was so refreshing! I learned and enjoyed it so much more. A teacher
really makes the difference. After church was dinner and calling some people. We went to a non active members home and it was a good lesson. He did not want us there but he scheduled a return appt and he is going to start listening to scriptures on his way to work. He is such a good guy. Just in a bad mood. Normally he loves us. It was a night well spent.

So Ya... That is my life! This coming week we are meeting with a lot of members and we are super excited! Thank you all so much for your love, support, and prayers. You will never know how much we need them, until you serve then you get a good idea. Not sure if I told you this before or not but Elder Sorensen had a favorite joke. How do you have a Solar System party?

You "Planet" Plan it hahaha so funny!  Yes we are missionaries.

Elder Herring

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