Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Words from Elder Ty Blank in Alaska


Man what a week! It was a really good one and also a really crazy one at the same time! Well we did some really fun stuff this week and also some cool stuff happened!

Well it is time for the transfer news I guess.... President called and said that The Lord wants me to go down and serve in The Beach Lake Ward in Eagle River. SO yes I am getting transferred! As usual with transfers I am sad to leave, but also excited to see what is going to come next in my mission! And for those who don’t know Eagle River is like 10-15 min from Anchorage so it will be warm down there! Elder Brown will be staying here and keeping up the good work in The Fairbanks 5th ward! There will be more news on that in the coming week! 


What else happened this week?!? Ummm on Saturday we got to spend 4 hours in the morning doing service! Now this wasn't just any old service! This was one of the coolest services that you could ever imagine! So now I need you to think really hard to the beginning of Frozen... Now what are they doing?!? You have to answer... They are harvesting Ice! That is what we did! We harvested ice. It was just like Frozen in real life! It was pretty cool! I know you are all jealous. It’s ok..... :)


So it has been warming up lately which is super nice! I haven’t needed to wear a jacket all week! That is nice! So now I don’t really have to worry about crazy Fairbanks weather! It snowed on Saturday.... Ya it snowed a lot... It was like a spring time storm. It was kinda crazy! I guess that is cool!


So Elder Brown and I have decided to start having more lessons with active members about Joseph Smith! I did this earlier in my mission and it really helps strengthen my testimony every time I am able to share it with others! It’s kinda incredible how that works! It’s kinda just how Faith is compared to a seed in Alma 32! I think the principle is the same however! :) It is just awesome! 


So I am honestly sad to be getting transferred, this ward is great and I am going to miss it a ton. The people we have been working with are doing great and I hope they will continue to do great after I leave! I am going to miss it here, but hopefully I will be able to make it back up here before my mission ends! That would be awesome! I love Fairbanks and all the people here and all they have taught me! I have really grown as I have been up here and experienced long cold and dark days. I know I was here because the Lord wanted me to be here and now I am leaving because that is what the Lord wants! I am Thankful to have served here!



Only 3 more months and I will be out a year! How crazy is that!?!?!



Elder Ty Nolan Blank! 

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