Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Words from Elder Kyle James in Germany

Liebe Familie,

Heya! What up? This week was super good. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Lets fang an!

Montag- We went to a castle. It was free. No one was there. It was awesome! It is on the top of a hill... and we were literally the only ones there. I planned out the P-day... and I was really hoping that everyone would like it... but it started raining on us. BUT everyone loved it even more haha. They said it was awesome. It was Siter Jeppsens first P-day and she loved it. So... I felt like it went well haha! We exited the castle and walked though... like a German farm area.  It was WAY cool to see the castle at the top of the hill in the rain. So beautiful.  P-day was great. I love our area. Good good!

Also, I found out that Charly is living in Gießen. That is flipping crazy! What a Zufall! I remember everyone telling me to go and find her... but I always knew I wouldn't find her... cuz she lived close to Berlin... but she lives in Gießen and is going to the Uni here. That is crazy. It is hardly even believable. 

Dienstag- We just went finding. We fixed our bikes here, too. Elders haven't used their bikes in a long time here.  I wouldn't have any of that! We fixed them up and we have rode around all week. I love it. My comp... not so much. Oh well. It is super fast and fun. We went contacting on our bikes. We went to a park and rode around til we saw someone. We gave out some cards.... so that was good. We also had DDm. I planned it out and gave the only lesson. I talked about how we should be LOSERS. LOVE OBEY SERVE ENJOY REPEAT. hehe I made that up. They really liked it. We made the goal of finding 20 investigators this transfer as a district and we already found 7. Wow. And according to the Zone leaders, our districkt is the best at finding in the zone. Way cool! That makes me feel like a good Leader. One of our Zone leaders in Austin Davis´s friend Elder Melanson. I really like him. We were both up in Düsseldorf together, and we trained kids from die Schweiz. Then we moved down here together, Haha many Zufälle! He is super cool.

Wednesday-- So... We went finding for a while and found 2 new investigators! One guys is super legit and his name is Thomas. The other guy is still cool... but has less potential. One step at a time. 

Donnerstag was super. We went finding and what not. For that evening, I had the idea that we could go finding with the sisters. They came to Gießen and we stood next to a busy bus stop and talked to people. It went way better that I thought it would. The first one to give away 10 cards won... hehe I made a game of it. I got my butt kicked. Sister Ferris gave away 10 in like 5 minutes. Well, it isn't fair. Everyone listens to sisters. Her Golden did great too. She is already fearless. Not bad. I had a blast. I loved it. I gave away around 15 cards and a Book of Mormon. We also got 2 phone numbers. The sisters got a number too. So it was super good. Then we ate Döners together. I didn't realize how successful it was til I had call ins with the Sister training leaders on Sunday.

Freitag--- we had weekly planning, and then we went to a wonderful family's house. The Finds. Everyone here loves them. They are just like our family. Super funny. They love the missionaries. They thought my German was crazy good. But ja:) haha I hear that a lot. I gave a lesson on Miracles.  Bruder Find took us to a train station... but on the way. he brought us to a creepy chapel on a hill and took us inside.

Samstag´-- We met with an investigator. We gave him the first lesson and a Book of Mormon. He loved it. I expressed the need of having a restoration and he agreed. So that is super. He said he will pray about the Book of Mormon. I really like missionary work. All we do is invite and help people find out for themselves. It is super:)

Sonntag was a very good day. We drove to church a little early so we could talk with members.  We then ate with a member and with the sisters. I gave the lesson on prayer and talked about Enos and his prayer. I like teaching in German now. It is way easier.

That night... I called everyone in my district to make sure everything was going well. It was... for the most part. I talked to the Sister Training leaders about the sisters here. They told me something that humbled me pretty good. When the were on a split last week with them, one of this sisters in my area said..... 'I really want to become a good missionary and see success, and now that Elder James is here, He will help me become one.' That was way cool.  Everything is going great. I really love being a district leader. I get to help people become the best they can be. I am just... so thankful, that I can serve here. I decided to put eveyone in my distrcit first. For example, we spend a long time on Saturday helping the sisters fix their bikes... cuz they are jealous of ours... and we helped them clean their keller.  I just want to help my district. 

Naja. Things are going super great. I am loving it here! Nothing could go better;) The language is going great for me. We are helping people. My district likes me and my way of doing things. Our district is becoming very erfolgreich. We are just having a blast. And we have bikes;)

I am just thankful for everything. I have tried to be thankful for everything. I am even thankful for my trainer. We hated each other... but he made me a good missionary... because I learned how to not follow a bad example... and to be a good missionary on my own. I am just thankful. I know that God gives us challenges and set backs, not because we are weak and need to be punished... but because he knows we are strong. He gives us trials, so that we can grow and learn, and become more like him. 

Be thankful in your trails! Remember that Jesus already carried our burdens... so that we can give them to him. He is in the yolk with us. 

Cheerfully, thankfully, and prayerfully go through your trials:)

Thank you guys for being awesome! I love you so much!

Today we are going to another castle and playing football and having a picnic!

Hab eine wunderbare Woche!

Ich liebe euch:)

Elder James  

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