Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Words from Sister Abbigail Waite in Texas

 know you all are dying to hear the transfer news ;)... Sister Gagon and I
are staying together here in Zilker Park! Yay!! :)

That's super exciting for me because I really love Sister Gagon. We have so
much in commo and I've learned so much from her! Elder Pew (an Assistant to
the President) told us that they all expect miracles from us this next
transfer. And we're ready to deliver! :)

I really, really love Zilker Park. It's got to be the best area in the
whole mission! I really love the ward and all the people that I have
been able to meet. Just love them to death!

So much that I rode my bike this week just to be able to see them! Our
poor car is having transmission issues (I know, me and transmission
problems...), so we took it in to be fixed. This week has been the
coldest and rainiest by far, but we didn't let that stop us! We've
been on foot and bike all week! :) And we've met some very interesting
people that way... Haha! :)

The best thing ever happened this week! Alana and Jadon were baptized!
They're both so awesome. Jadon got his hair cut, so you  won't get to
see his crazy curly hair... but it was awesome. It was so great to see
them be baptized. Now that I think about it, the first time I've seen
Alana REALLY smilie was after her baptism. Wow! This really is the
happiest message on Earth! Jadon is a crazy 8 year-old and he asked to
bear his testimony... if was one of the sweetest testimonies I've ever
heard. So simple, but so powerful. Especially for an 8 year-old! I'm
so excited for them. :)

My littler sister sent me a banana this week... I haven't tried to eat
it yet... but we'll see. ;)

So this week I've done a lot of thinking about our Heavenly Father. We
all lived with Him before this life and were happy, because what else
would we be in the presence of such a loving Heavenly Father? Yet we
knew we needed to come here in order to progress, so we did it. But
we're not left alone and wandering without guides! We have scriptures
and prophets and all of that stuff, but we also have the PERFECT
EXAMPLE, Jesus Christ. Heavenly Father just loves us SO much (John
3:16). I usually think of it as "He gave us a way to get back to Him.
And we so want to be with Him again." but the other day I flipped it
around. HE so wants to be with US again. And I may or may not of
cried. (You'll never be able to prove it.) I've never thought of it
like that, but of course it's true! It's sort of like physics. When
you push on something, it pushes back with the exact same force. We
want so badly to be with Him again (even if some of us don't realize
it), and Heavenly Father wants us back just as much. Probably even
more, which breaks the analogy. Everything he does it to save souls.
Everything. His very purpose is to bring us back (Moses 1:39). I love
Him so much, and He loves me so much, and He just loves all of you so
much, and it's just a whole lot of love going on. Always remember

Sister Waite

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