Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Words from Elder & Sister Neal Lambson in the Philippines

"Each month we meet with the missionaries in their Zone Leaders Training Meeting.  There is always something to learn on such occasions.  This time was no different.  Is we were discussing ways that we could be of greater service to our local leaders, I noticed tiny, tiny ants on the tile floor.  A large crumb had fallen from a cookie that Sister had provide to be eaten during merianda time.  Anyway, there were four ants that had taken it upon themselves to fetch up that crumb, and transport it to their year's supply, which was somewhere across that large cultural hall floor.  Each tile was 16x16, and I watched them together carrying it across in just a short period of time; maybe a minute.  Other ants would come up to observe the task at hand, yet those ants did not join in to help with the effort.  Round and round the outsiders circle observing from a distance. Then things changed when those four ants had made thier way across that tile, and came to a grout joint.  In the joint they faltered, unable to push the tiny crumb up, across and out of that chasm that held it bound.  At that point as if they had issued out a call for help; here came three more ants a running and joined in the cause.  Another ant was out front of the group, as if to say, "come on, you can do it, push and pull together, you're almost across." In just a few moments they had crossed over that deep chasm and continued with the task at hand.  Those other ants that showed up to help in the cause, immediately it seemed said their good-bys and went their own way.  What a lesson!  It coincided with exactly what the missionaries were discussing at that present time.  How can we as missionaries help our leaders in their callings? A great lesson was taught by those ants.

Today in English lessons with the Sister Missionaries we continued with conversational English and role playing.  In a recentl workshop that Sister Galbraith (Mission Nurse) gave to the missionaries on preparing inexpensive, nutritional delicious food.  she challenged the missionaries to take the time to prepare such a meal.  So, I asked Sister Lorente to explain to me what she would purchase at the pelanky(market) for such a meal.  She said that she would buy some munoke (chicken). "The whole chicken, or parts of it, or what?"  "Oh, Elder Lambson I would buy only the legs, the feet, the head, and the skin." What else? I asked,  Her response, "that's all".  So much for a well rounded balanced meal. 

Recently, I went on splits with Elders Mesina, and VillaRosa.  We went and visited a recent convert who lived just down the road from us in the jungle.  We sat outside on a board bench, and visited.  Looking inside ther 10x10 concrete home with coconut leaves on the roof, I could see inside.  The concrete floor was clean and bare.  I not see any indication of any furnishings inside.  She had no electricity, running water, or bathroom facilities.  Good thing that she and her little family lived just a 100 meters from the river where they could wash, go to the bathroom, and do their laundry.  I was most thankful though that I had just recently eaten, and politely declined their offering to share their evening meal with them.  "Busog, Busog" I said as I rubbed my stomach.  I do not think that I could have stomached that curried dog meat.

A few days ago Sister was waiting for some music students to show up, so she started teaching a couple of guys who just came along. They were so excited. One of them started playing the top hand so fluently, she thought, wow, that is so pretty, and went on through toward the end of the book to see how he did, and when she showed him some of the hymns, she asked him to see if he was ready to add the bottom hand. Suddenly she remembered he had no left arm!  Her comment about it all was "What a boo, boo!."

The experiences that we are having in this place are unbelievable.  The Lord has blessed us so. This is His work, This is His Gospel.  We recognize that we need His help.  We pray for it, we plead for, and we pour out our soul unto God to receive it.  Its True!"

Elder and Sister Lambson

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