Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Words from Elder Garrett Davis in Thailand

So this last week was pretty great:) it starts off on monday when we were off exploring in a different town a storm came through kalasin and did some damage which was pretty impressive it blew over some trees and busted some buildings and fences and windows so we had the chance to go and serve some people clean up some the of the wreckage:) we gathered some trees and some vines off some roofs and we also have the chance to invited because there is this festival in kalasin right now and there are tons of people:) also this week i have the chance to teach some recent converts and investigators and they are solid i love am growing to love the people here and i recognized the Lord in his work everyday:) i love the chance i have to serve here its great:) oh and we also find out whose moving and who is staying this week:) i will let you know but for now everything is going great on this side of the world:) i love you guys i am grateful for all your letters i truly love them:) i love you guys!

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