Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Words from Elder Chandon Herring in Washington DC

Well hello to all,

This was a good week with us only being shut inside part of Sunday.  Lucky we were able to take the sacrament and get a meeting done before church was canceled yet again. The darn freezing rain. There was like a good 1/4-1/2 inch of ice all over our car! What the?!?

Transfers are this coming Wednesday. Elder Levi is staying with me and elder Lematua is leaving. We are sure he is going to the Spanish program. The AP's
and president have called and asked how his Spanish is multiple times.  One of our roommates is also leaving which will be sad but we think we are getting Elder Crandall from my MTC district so we are excited.

Tuesday... "Today is a historic day!" Said elder Schwitzer of the 70.
He and a man from the missionary dept. came and gave a super long meeting about new iPads, restarting the electronic aspects of missionary life, a mission fast of facebook, we think that is also
world wide, and all that stuff. It was a great meeting and they are great speakers. We are getting new iPads hopefully this coming week that we are allowed to take home with us afterwards. Mom if you know
anything of this message me. It was a good day and the main thing that stood out was our defenses against the adversary on his most used tool of today, the media. He says there are 5 keys steps that when followed protect us. These steps can be modified to fit anything anyone is ever
struggling with and will help all who apply it.

#1 your first defense
against the influence of the adversary is your own personal testimony
and righteousness.

#2 is the influence of the Holy Ghost. He will help you and warn you of coming dangers.

#3 Mission rules ( or family rules
for you folks at home) they are time tested truths that will help you grow at an exponential rate and protect you throughout your life.

#4 technology blocks (or placing barriers between you and the adversary)
we have on our iPad s and on your home computers and td's blocks that
will keep the average joe safe. As long as he does not seek it. Elder Gonzales of the missionary dept. worked for the CIA in intelligence.  He said that you can put the most expensive and extensive blocks on
anything but it all comes down to the individual and if they desire to
get through.

#5 a Companionship auditing. We need to give open access of our devices and lives to those we are 'companions' with. Parents
and trusted loved ones. Have them help check up on us and make them a part of your life. They will be a strength and a help to you. It was a good day!

Wednesday... Temple day! Today I was able to go to the temple for the third time this transfer! Woo hoo! It was probably one of the most spiritual/personal revelation/awesome times of my life! It was so cool! I had an amazing session then took and read my patriarchal blessing at
the end. I loved it! There are so many plain and precious truths taught in the temple and throughout our lives that are so easy to see if we are looking. How are you going to change if you don't look? It was
a good day. We also had a meeting with Bishop about some people he is
concerned about and how to help them. We have 4 prospective elders! We are
going to help them along!

Thursday... Snow morning, we had a late start because of some bad weather yet again. Winter here stinks.  We did weekly
planning and then ran an errand for Elder Colson from the mission office checking out a new apt. For some senior sisters. It was a super nice place! We had a great evening eating and exchanging with a new
member in the ward. He fed us some good tacos and we talked to some super cool people.

Friday... We had a good day! We enjoyed a normal morning of studies and then had a trainer/trainee meeting. It was great! Elder Thornton was there and it was great seeing my dad again. He gave me some
workouts and stuff so I am excited. Next was a good interview with a President. We talked about transfers and if Lematua could do Spanish. We had a good evening with members talking about the ward mission plan and we met with one of the prospective elders. He is so ready! He has
been a member a little over a year. So good!

Saturday... WHITE HOUSE AGAIN!!!!!! I was able to set up with Sister Claude to take my sons to the East wing and on the 14th we do the west wing! Woo Hoo! It was amazing as always. The building is so beautiful and the history is incredible. We had a great time then she fed us
lunch at Johnny Rockets. Super good! The only bad thing about today is that it was so FLIPPEN cold! The wind and the shade from tall buildings gets Ya.  We had a hurried district meeting because we only could do it today. It was great but half the district could not come still. This transfer has been hectic! We had a great
dinner at Olive Garden after with Paul. He is a super odd but good guy. Then we had to hustle home for call outs. We found out who is leaving and staying this transfer.

Sunday... Today had so much potential but let us down. Darn weather.
We had a normal morning and then Ward coordination. We talked about how we can get the ward council more engaged in missionary work. Another ward council meeting and all I can say is if any of you are
involved in that please help the ward mission. You are the example to
the ward. We had an abbreviated sacrament meeting because of weather.
We had two investigators show up! Hurray! Manny was one of them and he
asked us for a blessing. He is such a good guy and I know he is trying
his best. He is preparing to begin making covenants! It is great! Then
Nomon who should be mormon. Haha he is cool to. He really wants to see
meet the mormons and so we are shooting for this weekend. We had
another ward mission meeting and then got home for dinner around 5.
That was when we found out that the whole mission was called in at
noon. Oops. Missed that one.

Today... Nothing exciting yet planned.. Haha

So that is life. I am loving it and the work is picking up a little.
We might get sister missionaries in our ward which would be great!
Thank you so much for your support and love! Love you!

Elder Herring

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