Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Words from Sister Hannah Platt in Honduras

Hello my dearest friends and family,

This will be pretty short again, but I just wanted to tell you all how much i love this mission. It is so hard. SO HARD! But it was meant to be hard, because that is the only way we can grow!!

THis week was difficult. We walked a million miles.. like really. And i am pretty sure i died of heat like a hundred times.... but i am alive so it`s all good! :) but i experienced a miracle this week. Yesterday, i had a feeling that we needed to fast. So my comp. and i did. We haven`t been having as much succes with our progressing investigators, especially with the church attendence. And if they don`t attend chruch, they can`t get baptized. So yesterday morning, we woke up extra early and walked to each one of their houses to bring them to chruch.. and guess what? no one was home... no one. We seriouly walked three miles and nobody could come. So we entered in the sacrement meeting, and i just prayed with my whole heart that by some miracle they could come. ANd guess what, i had no sooner finished my prayer, than one of our investigators walked in!! MIRACLE!!! i just testify that fasting works. That when we sacrifice just a little bit of what we have, the lord blesses us with ten times more!!!
I love you all so much and i love being a missionary in this crazy country!!

Hermana Platt

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