Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Words from Elder Austin Davis in Portland, Oregon Mission

" Well this week was okay ha okay I'm not going to lie this week was a rough week...oh yeah so it started off sweet had a great thing the Stake President called us or one of his councilors did and they asked us to teach the restoration at the high priest group leader meeting and so we went and we taught the Stake Presidency and the high priest group leaders! little intimidating! but it went great there were people in tears Heavenly Father really did bless us. Which I'm so thankful for! then Thursday night i was in hillsboro dropped by the melansons bishop melanson over the Cornell ward and he was like elder I'm going to see patty Haynes she is about to pass away and the last time i saw her, her husband was about to pass and she was healthy as a horse but we went over, thanked bill her husband for letting us in. the spirit was there she couldn't talk. She just laid in bed sleeping it was her time to go. but we just talked with bill that's all he needed was a friend. Then Friday came around no baptism. Montserrat didn't want to go through with it but its okay she will continue to study in Spain.  Sunday morning rolls around got a call from bill saying patty had passed away @ 9:51. Bill was crushed but he knows about the plan of salvation, hopefully he accepts it. bill is a non member love that guy !  Well its been a rough week but i love my Savior i really do! I hope everybody is doing well I do miss my family but I know that I have to do this! And I love doing this I just want to let you know I love you and thankful for all the things that you have done for me I love you . I love testifying of the plan of happiness because most people don't understand the truth so we have the opportunity to explain it to them and I love it !"

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