Sunday, December 8, 2013

Words from Elder Bo Mullenaux In the California Santa Rosa Mission

  " So one thing that i really was able to see and learn this week is that obedience brings blessings. There has been a few elders that i have seen the light of Christ in them slowly diminish. The Light of Christ is real. Everyone has it. When you make right choices, the light of Christ that you have within you grows. When you choose to disobey, that light goes away. The more light you have, the easier it is to feel promptings from the Holy ghost. The less light, the harder, until you eventually have no light. Before my mission, i thought that all missionaries were happy-go-lucky. Ive quickly come to learn that this is not true. I am striving to keep my light, not only keep, but build my let and let it continue to grow. I am so thankful for how merciful the Lord is to each and everyone of His children."


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