Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Words from Elder Garrett Davis in Thailnd

KALASIN!:) and monkeys:)
so this week was great but it flew by fast!!:) so this week i had the chance to go see some monkeys on pday and so we are going long and i see this monkey with a beer can i had to take the picture it was pretty funny:) but and the week goes on we had the chance to teach some investigators and recent converts which i love doing my favorite lesson to teach would probably have to be the plan of salvation:) i love it. but as the week went on church came around and we talk about fasting and everyone gave how they thought about fasting and everything and it was great i learned a lot and believe it or not i love fasting after realizing how much we can gain when we fast:) but my favorite answer is that is helps us over come the natural man:) and it helps us grow spiritual as well:) but i am sorry for a short letter but i am running out of time:) i will talk more next week:) i love you guys and thank you so much for your letters i love them:) Love 
Elder Davis:)


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