Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Words from Elder Adam Otto in Idaho

This week was pretty amazing! We had lot's of fun, failures, potential, and miracles! Just like every week :) But even though every week has the same principles in it, each week gets better and better! :) No two weeks are the same!

Monday was pretty tough. Probably the lowest day of my mission. We were getting really desperate. We had very few investigators and very little success. But we knew we had to keep pushing forward. We put all our faith and trust in the Lord, and told him we would continue doing our best and being obedient! The next day, we found Dustin!

Dustin is an 8 year old kid, with member parents. We were knocking on doors at an apartment building, when out of the blue he just rode up on his bike and told us to go to his house and teach him! So we ran over to his house, taught the plan of salvation, and he is sooo prepared! We taught him a few more times this week, and set a baptism date for June 6th! He turns 9 the day before! The Lord has truly blessed us with Dustin. He is so ready for the gospel, and has been wanting to get baptized for a while; his parents just haven't been active. But now, they are all for it, and we are working on getting the whole family back to church! 

This week we also have been contacting many people in the ward councils. We went to a High priest group leaders house, and his wife was the activity days leader. She said that there were several girls (about 6 of them!) attending activity days that were not members! So we found out who was taking these girls, contacted their friends, asked her to ask them if they would meet with missionaries, and two of them said yes! This week we will be having lessons with them! 

We also found another boy, who is 11. His brother just got back from his mission, and he referred him to us! So we will be teaching him tomorrow, with his returned missionary brother! The Lord is handing us people to teach! Our work is finally paying off! And we will continue to work hard to be worthy of these blessings!!

This week I have really been studying the scriptures, really hard. I have been DISECTING the stories of the sons of Mosiah and Alma. They were such superb missionaries! There is so much to learn from these scriptural heroes, and they were just so faithful!! I have found peace, comfort, hope, and guidance, as I realize that their trials were much harder than mine. They had success when they gave themselves to much prayer and fasting, and continued doing what the Lord asked them to do, even when it seemed unrealistic, or pointless. Thousands of people were converted, and baptized unto repentance. They went through terrible trials, and hardships, just to find the one. The one who was prepared. And by doing so, they found thousands of people to teach! And they rejoice tremendously of their God! Our Heavenly Father is so merciful unto us. He loves us, and wants the very best for us. We just have to be willing to trust and follow Him. I know this is true!

Thanks so much for all you do! I appreciate your prayers and I love you all! I hope you all have a wonderful week, and hold FAST to the iron rod!! :)

Elder Otto

P.S. All of you who are considering or debating about going on missions, let this be an answer to your prayers: GO ON ONE! It's the best thing ever, as you lose yourself, and focus your life on serving God and our brothers and sisters. There are so many eternal blessings that come from it, and the spiritual maturity you gain is priceless. Go go go!!!!! There are people you told in the premortal life that you would find them!!! They are waiting for YOU. Go! :) It's the best! There's my spill :)

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