Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Words from Elder Chandon Herring in Washington DC

Well Hello to my dear family. First things first you guys are great! I love you and do brag about you on occasion haha. Today is a good day so far. We got up and ready and my entire apt except for me is off to
Arlington National Cemetery for an "out of the mission" trip because they go home soon. So I am home with Elder Williams who is a cool elder whose companion is also on this trip. We are just going to relax
and have fun today and hope all works out. So my week...

Tuesday... Nothing too exciting today. We did a lot of talking to people and had a lesson with an Investigator at a pizza place. It was his birthday and he is great! His name is Chris he is only investigating because he is marrying a member and he wants to know and understand more of what she believes. He is great and has told us he is not going to be converted he is just there for info. however we are
sure he will be baptized even if it is 20 yrs down the road. He is that kind of guy.

Wednesday... Today was good but tiring. We had to bike a lot and the first appt we went to canceled. Right after that we rode all the way up to the top of our area and met with a member who is so funny! We
had to make it over a nasty hill though. But it was good. She is in an electric wheel chair and holds signs on the sidewalk advertising for cell phone stuff and she just hides behind her sign and you cant
see her at all except for her eyes peeking over the top and it just makes me laugh haha. After her we had dinner with a family. Their kids are super cute to. The youngest was asked if she likes Jesus and she
said, "Yes! But not the Devil... the Devil is stupid..." It was so funny! We had a great time. We ended the night by teaching Ramona. Poor girl. She is just so sad. She does not know how much God loves
her and she tries so hard but she just does not get happy. She cant turn to the scriptures because it is hard to understand and so she watches preachers on tv who speak in tongues (they think) and heal the
sick and tell of seeing God and she just wants to experience something
like that in her life. She is such a good girl though. We are going to help her get to know God, that he lives, and that he really does love her and knows her name. It will be fun seeing the change in her. We got home and the ZLs hid and tried to scare us. They got Elder Tilby so good! haha

Thursday... Meetings... lots of hours in meetings... But after our district meetings and zone meetings we had Cafe Rio again! Woo Hoo!!! It is sooooo good! I love it. We did our weekly planning and we randomly decided to text Ramona. So we did and she responded saying how she was just praying for some help and to know that God is there. This is not the first time that we were literally the answer to her prayer. On our visit earlier she talked about how she asked for a sign and multiple times we had been that sign! It is so fun and weird at
the same time but she still is struggling to see it. Oh well... We had dinner with a member and walked home talking to people. This was when I got attacked. I had just talked to a guy who was changing his car tire and he turned down help but It was ok. I was in a great mood then I felt a blob land on my back left shoulder. I asked Elder TIlby what it was and he just starts laughing. I later discovered and counted a
total of 5 decent sized globs of bird poop on me... Good times i say... good times...

Friday... MY FIRST INTERVIEW EVER!!!! (Baptismal interview) Today was amazing. It started out with a flippen hard leg day in the gym. I was done! So was Thornton so i did not feel too bad. We then went up to New Carrollton again and spent 4 hours with the Knights talking about family history
and getting the missionaries converted to it and all sorts of stuff. They are having me help.  I do not know why other than Sister Knight said it just felt right. I have no idea what I am doing! But it will work. Today in studies I was reading about Nephi and for some reason he just seemed so much cooler than normal. It was when he was tied up on the ship and that whole thing and he is such a good example and a
boss! I love the guy! We went to see Bro. Mason who has the biggest, whitest, and most perfect teeth I have ever seen! It was a good time and then my interview. It was with a girl named Ronica. She is a good
one and is now married to a member. It was cool hearing her testimony and seeing what changes she has made and is wiling to make to be close to God.

Saturday... Stake Missionary Day!!!! Today was fun. We met at the stake center early and did our studies then were assigned a youth who is putting in his papers to come with us for a few hours. It was a lot
of fun! We got two good lessons at the same time. I went to teach Dorenda with Thornton and the Youth while Perrin went with Tilby to teach Corliss. It was great! As we started the lesson with Dorenda I
was heading the lesson and then I just felt the spirit say to shut up.  So I did and just watched. E Thornton and the Youth did amazing as well following the spirit but as we taught we saw how much Dorenda
just needs to think. The spirit was so strong in those silent moments when she was thinking. She would always say "No" to a commitment then lean back, fan her face, smile, laugh and then agree because she said she knew she needs to. It was quite fun haha. We went out contacting
for the night and spent an hour talking to an Evangelist missionary by his car. We all just shared our beliefs but it was an amazing discussion. He is well versed in the scriptures and knows who Christ
is. he just needs the priesthood and what we share! He is going to make a great bishop.

Sunday... Today was good. We had Dorenda and Tony come to church and
both are seriously considering getting baptized. It is great! Church was amazing and the testimonies here are very similar to DC 3rd. The people are so good. and the Bishop is even back from Nigeria! He was
gone for over a month and a half. At the baptism afterwards Tony was just in awe and overwhelmed by the spirit and I was able to be a witness. It was so cool she came out of the water clapping haha. I love this gospel!  We had dinner on base with the Swanks and it was good. She made the
burgers but for some reason they shrunk a lot and were more like meat balls. haha. So overall a good day

So that is life here in DC. I am loving it and am continuing to learn. I hope you all make the time to do the little things you should like go to the temple, really read the scriptures, pray, and talk about the
gospel with your member and non member friends. It should be a part of who we are. I love you all and hope you have a great week! Love you!

Elder Herring

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