Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Words from Elder Eli Frazier in Peru

Another awesome week of working for the Lord!  Found 3 new families to teach! Also had a family home evening last night that one of our investigating families had and it was awesome. They themselves invited other people to come and listen to us! This family will be married and baptized on the 19 of June:) One of the little girls named Crystal who is 7 years old kept asking me why my eyes are green, why my hair is light brown, why my teeth are so white, why im tall (im not really tall but to them i am haha) and why my ears are pointy hahaha and *i told her i don't know, why are your eyes brown and why are you short etc.* and she said * it doesnt matter i love you hermano Frazier* And these kind of moments is why im here. And then of course her and all her little friends told me how i have to come back and take them to Disney Land haha:)  Well i love you all and hope you guys are doing well. Dont forget to read and pray and have your family home evenings!"

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