Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Words from Sister Hannah Platt in Honduras


Happy b-day to my brother in law Kyle!!! :) hope it was good!! 

This week was posisbly one of the hardest of my mission, and also the one where i saw the most miracles. I won´t go into all the details of the bad parts so this email will just be about the good that came because of the bad. The other day, we were walking past Rosa´s house (our little investigator that we had to give up because of her grandma) and anyways it starte d to rain really hard and they let us in to get out of the rain! And her grandma was there.. and she started to talk with us and pretty soon, we gained confidnce with her and before we left, we asked if we could come back to teach Rosa, and guess what?! THe grandma said yes!!! It was such a sweet and tender mercy from the Lord. We have been fasting and praying so much taht we could teach her, and our prayer was answered. THe LOrd is so good. I just can´t expalin to you all how much this has meant to me. This mission is so hard. A lot of times, people think central-south american missions are easy. But they aren´t We have to work so hard, just like every other missionary. People don´t just fall into our way and ask us to baptize them. BUt if i have learned anything in this area, its that the lord prepares people for us. ANd rosa was prepared. So is her family. THey are meant to recieve the gospel of Christ. ANd the Lord providd a way for them to recieve it. I am so grateful. I love this mission. I know i say that a lot, but i do. With my whole heart. The Savior has worked miracles in my life here and He is making me into soemthing that i never could have made of myself. How i wish i was more worthy of His love. I am so grateful for what He has done and that He never gives up on me. He never gives up on any of us. NO matter what. We can all change. I testiy of that. I sure love you all. Recieving letters and emails from you all means so much! I can´t even tell you. I am sorry this is short.. i wish ihad time to tell you al that has happened. BUt so is the life of a missionary haha. Have sucha a wodnerful week and a happy mothers day to all the mothers that i love!!! 

Hermana PLatt

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