Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Words from Elder Garrett Hollembeak in West Virginia


It was a wonderful week in Parkersburg, it was a beautiful week, the
sun was shining, the tank was clean! Elder Lane and I were able to
teach a lot this week and we are seeing some great progress with our
less active members and our investigators. One of our investigators,
Dave Hess, is getting baptized this Sunday so we are really excited
for him. The work is hastening. It's amazing because he has made so
many great changes in his life in order to be baptized. He loves the
church and is gaining a great understanding of the doctrine. The next
goal is to get him to the temple, we're hoping to work with the ward
really closely to make sure Dave is well retained. What's been really
cool to see is how much this is God's work, as hard as we work we do
very little compared to all that God does to prepare people's hearts
and help them along the way. The timing has been neat too. Dave
investigated the church about a year ago and stopped investigating. He
was super excited to meet with us again and to be baptized. Building
on a foundation of what he learned a year ago made it easier to help
him learn and develop his testimony and it worked out in God's time
when He knew Dave would be ready. The first Sunday he came to church
one of the members recognized him because they grew up together as
kids. Even finding him didn't have a lot to do with us, Elder Higley
and I had some in between time from one lesson to another so we called
a couple of random numbers in our phone, one of them was Dave. I'll
send pictures of the baptism, it should be really great. I hope you
guys have a really great week, thank you for everything you do for me
and for all of the support and prayers. I love you!

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