Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Words from Sister Brittany Platt in Colorado

Olo everone!

Things are goin pretty well. I'm so sad to be gone from Strasburg as I love that place so much. It truly is home and I've found myself a bit homesick for it this last week. But, I know that we can't stay in one place forever and I know God needs us all over, even if it's hard.
So, my companion, Sister Wilde, is wonderful! She's from a very small town, the size of St. Johns, in Canada. She's a cowgirl and knows how to drive wagons so we get along great!! I've been very blessed to have companions that are country girls and we all get along so well! She's 20 and has about 3 months left on her mission. And she's such a hard worker and is teaching me a lot. I'm truly grateful for her! Our signature on our texts is araphoecowgirls and the members of the ward thinks it's hilarious. Gotta make it personal right?!

So, this area is a bit like Parker (my first area). It's very small, but very nice. The work here is also pretty different from Strasburg so that's an adjustment. But, we've come up with a great area vision and are trying to get things moving. The ward here is SO nice and I've already met a family originally from Snowflake! How cool is that? Wherever I go, there's always someone I meet from back home. God is so good!
At church, there was an investigator there and a few non-members! One of them came to Sunday School with us and his wife (who's a returning less-active) is from the south and very loud! The class was about eternal marriage and she had to leave half way through to go feed the baby. As she was walking out the door, she turned to her husband and said in front of everyone: "You'd better pay attention! And you need to get baptized!" Haha. It was hilarious and her husband didn't seem to embarrassed by it. So, we're going over there this week to see if we can pick him back up as an investigator. Crossin my fingers and praying!
We were so blessed on Saturday with tons of service! We went over in he morning to a member's home to help them with lawn service and we ended up talking to their neighbors (the wife had met with missionaries before) and ended up mowing their lawn and trimming their trees and left a really good impression with the husband. We're going back this week to hopefully teach their daughter who's really interested in the church. Then, our ward mission leader texted us and said his neighbor said we could come by and help her as well. When she asked him for help and he offered us to serve, she said no way. But, then she warmed up to the idea and told him we could come. They've been inviting her to things for 7 years and she's never said yes, until then! So, we went over and did yard work for her (her husband's deployed right now) and she loved us so much she invited to feed us dinner and asked if we could come back next week. And afterward she told our ward mission leader how impressed she was and she can't wait to see us again. God is SO good! MIRACLES! I have such a testimony of service. It softens people's hearts and it softens ours! Also, we just moved in with a recent convert and are teaching her the new member lessons. And she's talking to all of her neighbors about the gospel and introducing us to as many people as she can. She's amazing and is retired from the military.
So, those are all the miracles and happenings of this last week! We've been super busy with a lot of meetings, but now that that's slowed down, we have more time to focus on our vision and visit as many people as possible this week. I love being a missionary! It's hard and heart-breaking at times, but it's truly the best thing ever! Oh, and we get to read "The Power of Every day Missionaries" and I love that book! If you haven't read it please do. It's changing how I look at missionary work as a missionary and as a member.
I hope you know how much I love this gospel and my Savior! I'm learning to draw upon Him every day and He's changing me in ways I never thought possible. I'll never ever regret leavin things behind to come on a mission, even in my old age. Best decision ever! I love you all and am so grateful for your prayers, love an support. Have a wonderful week and go out there and invite everyone you meet!

God bless you!

Love, Sister Platt

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