Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Words from Sister Hailey Overson in Brasil

Ok. I´m in Brasil. I´m alive. And I´m probably one of the happiest people on earth right now. I love this place. I have no time to write, but I do want to testify of the power of God. Because the first day I got here to Brasil, I didn´t speak like ANY Portugues. But now? You wouldn´t believe the improvement I´ve had in one short week. Can´t send pics.. I know you´re all so disappointed;) But I will try next week! The CTM in Brasil is so different from PRovo. But it´s awesome. We go out prosilyting two times a week with REAL people!! IN PORTUGUES!! Say what? Nah I´m serious!! I love you all so much and I know that God loves every single one of us and He´ll help you with everything. No matter how small or dumb you may think it is. Don´t forget to pray for that help!! Have a wonderful week! AMO VOCES!!!!
SIster Overson

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