Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Words from Sister Hannah Platt in Honduras

"My dear family and friends,

Oh my goodness!! I just love to write you all :) so i got to talk to my dear parents yesterday through skype and my dear sister Britt. What a blessing it was for me!! :) i just can´t describe how amazing it was to talk to my dear family and to see the way we have changed as a family through missionary service! It is a blessing for me to witness.

So to start off... i have to tell you all a funny story.. this week, i got hit.. by a horse... like straight on... i was walking with my comp. through one of the outlying areas.. and these two little boys come up behind us on a horse. They yelled at us to move.. which my companion did. I don´t really know what i was thinking.. but i stayed there in the middle of the road. And the horse, which was running, hit me full on... the miracle of the whole thing was that i didn´t fall over or anything.. i truly believe that angels picked me up and carried me safely! But, it is just hilarious now to think about. Most missionaries get bit by dogs on their missions.. and i get hit by a horse :) haha ya... my comp and i laughed at it for about an hour :)

So, we found out today that we have transfers. My comp will be leaving the area.. i am sooo sad. This has been the best transfer of my mission and it has been amazing to work with Hermana King. I know that Lord put me with her for a reason and i have learned osoo much! I love her and it will be hard without her, but i am ready to do what the Lord wants.
I love this area. This area has changed me so much and i am so grateful to get to stay and continue to work. This week, i learned the importance of an eternal perspective. Sometimes, in our lives we get so worried about little things, important things yes, but little things. It is so important that we always think about the whole eternity. Our choices affect the rest of our eternity, not just this life. I wish i could tell you all more about this... but i have to go... ugh!! haha no time ever... but i love you guys!! Thanks for all you do!! I promise to write a lot more next week. I just need you all to know how much i love this mission. I would encourage all who are thinking of going to take it to the Lord and do all you can to prepare. This is the best choice i have ever made. Yes, its hard. Some days, i just want to quit. But then i think of all the Lord has given me. And i look at these people here who have nothing, and somehow, the Savior keeps me going. I love Honduras. I love the people. I want to help them change their lives so much, and yet, they are the ones changing mine. I am so grateful to be here. And i am grateful for all of you!"


Hermana Platt

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