Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Words from Sister Hailey Overson in Brasil

Hi everyone!! Real quick shout outs to my loved ones with birthdays... Clayton turned 18 on the 11th!!!! My mom turned.... actually I don't think she'd appreciate me putting her age on my group email. Ok fine I'll tell you anyway. She's 29 on the 14th!!! And my fabulous cousin Ayden is going to be 16 on the 15th!!

This week has been so bitter-sweet. I can't tell you enough how wonderful these last three months have been. Never, have I been so blessed. I'm happy all the time! And you know what? It's not because of me. It's because when we turn our will to the Father, He is able to make us someone we can't become on our own. Everything we have here in life is God's. He controls everything, except our hearts. We have to GIVE Him our hearts so that He can mold them and shape them into something more like His. I've worked really hard these two transfers to give up all of my own desires and turn my will to His. And I have reaped the benefits. I'm happy:) And because I am, I'm able to share that happiness with everyone around me:)

Saying goodbye to these people has broken my heart. And looking back, I wish I would've worked EVEN HARDER than I did. It's given me more of that urgency to do everything I can to make my Father proud. And that doesn't just go for the mission. We only have a small amount of time here on Earth! THIS is the time to perform our labors. To show God that we love Him by loving those around us and by following Christ's example in everything that we do. This being said, we obviously don't have to be perfect. That's what Christ's beautiful suffering was for. But we do show our love of God by following Him. By doing the things that would make Him proud. So I invite all of you to share that love. Share your testimony of Christ's love for someone else this week. And see how happy it makes you!! I PROMISE that you will see the difference!! I love you and hope you all have a fab week:) Next email will be from Brazil:p
Sister Overson

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