Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Words from Elder Brandon Day in Oklahoma

So this was a pretty great week for us! Still in the same area, but our wards changed up so we have a little bit of new area to work in here in the city. We've been teaching a lot so far and its been great! We have a few people with baptism dates, its been awesome!
We started teaching a young recent convert from the new area, and we taught him a lesson with a basketball and all of his friends gathered around to listen. Then afterwards we played a little pick up game with some 12 year olds and it was actually challenging! They were all really good! But we still beat them haha. It was cool because after that the "crew leader" came up to me and asked if he could come to church with us. He thought we were the coolest guys and he wanted to come to church. So we'll be able to start teaching our recent convert and be able to have all of his friends there at the lesson, then we'll be able to bring them to church. It was so great and a huge blessing! The work is progressing very well here in the area that has been slow with missionary work. So its awesome to be a part of the great work that's building up here!

Have a great week ya'll!
Elder Day

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