Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Words from Elder Kyle James in Germany

Hey Familie,

So yeah! I really don't have much to say... since we did skype yesterday. 

But I will outline our week.

Monday-- We had a normal day. We met with the Fromes and had our check. We also helped the sisters get rid of stuff out of their Keller. 

Tuesday-- We went to the temple. It was, again, awesome. I loved it. I really do love it in German. It makes me smile. The end is also fun hehe. But yeah. The temple auf Deutsch is great. Try it some time!

Wednesday-- We did something... I can't remember! Oh no. Oh Yeah! We served sister Stahl. We helped take down wallpaper. I love service. She also taught us to make nudeln. 

Donnerstag-- We met with Thomas's wife. That was good. Good lesson. I really like  helping people out like that. I also took a stress walk in a forest and saw the cool bomb marks from the war.

Freitag we had interviews.  I needed it. I loved it. I love President Stoddard. 

Samstag we had a split. I was with good old Bentley. We were in Solingen together, I am glad to serve with him again.

Sonntag war wunderbar. I skype with my famile! I really loved it. Thank you so much for everything! I really love you guys. We got back late, but thats ok. I talked to the zone leaders the whole way back. I rode my bike with only one hand! Next to traffic! It was cool. I had a great talk with our bischof here. He really is a good guy. He likes what I am doing. I told him that I wont let numbers determine my success... but the Sweat and Blood I shed serving his ward. And he was way happy. I told that to the GML as well... and he loved it. I am so glad that I can serve here. I'm going to change things around. I am going to teach this to my district as well.

Naja. Today, We are going to Friedberg to play sports, I am way excited. We will come back later and give Domine the chance to skype. 

But I really, I am so thankful. I am way excited to start really serving. I love that feeling.

Find a way to serve everyday. For when we serve our fellow men... we serve only our God.

Thanks guys! I love you very much! Have a great week!!


Elder James

and Happy mothers day mom!!

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