Saturday, March 8, 2014

Words from Elder Austin Davis in Oregon

"Hey mamma I'm doing good haha today I woke up looked outside pouring rain and now it's staring to warm up a little bit this week has been good ten times better than the last transfer .uh oh yeah SJ needed to some moisture ha nice. Baseball will be beautiful this week :) Haha
 Cael wrestled sounds like a pretty boring weekend haha sounds like
 you guy shaved busy week with baseball and everything holy smokes how
I loved those weeks in school .well have you dreamed abut where g is
 going to go ? I'm doing pretty good just trying to get things moving
in the ward we had dinner with bishop last night found out he is
farmer and hunter so we are getting long great I have a redneck as
comp so it's great :) well we had 2 district meetings this week every
Tuesday and Wednesday we he them from 10:30- 12:00 those were god
this week is going to be crazy we have those meetings then we have MLC
on Friday 8-5 then Stake president council on Sunday at 4:30 so this
weeks is looking pretty busy but it's good I enjoy meetings it makes
 the weeks go by fast! This week we taught 1 lesson shoot me in the
head! We are going to e doing a ton of service this week to try to get  in less actives homes ! Well how is moi? You doing good time continues
just to push on by gen. Conference is coming up I'm ex tied should be
good and we don't have to wear suite jackets after that yes!! :) "

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