Sunday, March 23, 2014

Words from Elder Austin Davis in Oregon

"Hey family:) I know this week went by super fast we had 2 district
meetings 1 District leadership council 1 Leadership training ha and
another couple meetings along with that including ward council and
ward coordination. Uh yeah about 15 hours worth of meetings haha it's
been fun though. I really do love my comp elder Peterson he is so
funny and were just laughing all the time its a great time this week
we have taught 2 lessons to inv. and 5 lessons to recent converts less
actives so the work is picking up . Ha this is really slow comparative
to 25-30 lessons a week. Ha but it's okay we're gaining the wards
trust and building members testimonies it's been super awesome
I'll tell you what though I'm super tired . Ha this has been a pretty
long battle but i feel as I am just hitting my of stride right now
brings to my memory of my senior year we had a knock down drag out
wrestling practice ha and uncle Brandon just said at the end when
every one had taken off showered and I was just sitting there and he
was like that's work Aussie.
This work is the hardest most frustrating out of your hands work there
is but if your faith is sufficient and you rely once lord your mission
pres. Your comp you will succeed . Haha yesterday a member was like
elders what do you do as I guess zone leaders and we kinda discussed a
little bit and she was like so your moms haha. Made me laugh. No not
even close thank goodness in away we take care of these elders and
sisters but we learn so much from them and just realize day to day how
much my mother and my aunts and grandmas do for me. And mom I just
want to tell you I love you.
My aunts thank you so much I love our family I know without my family
I wouldn't be on a mission. Grandma I love you thank you.
Today I just have been pondering on the people in my life and I
appreciate your sacrifices you make. I can promise you others are
Learning from your examples .

Ha hahahaha highlight of the week Oregonians man we pulled a tree
stump out with a Prius.. Haha it was funny good ol electric cars ha
Oregonians :) love them but it finally came out after three hours of
digging and my comp breaking to shovels we pulled it out of there :)
haha great day !

Well as I sit here and ponder on where my cousin and brother are going
for there missions I can honestly say I don't know but something I do
know with all my heart it is where The Lord wants you I come to tears
as I think of a man I taught about the atonement as he was a member
of this church . And decided to step away took his name of the records
of the church. Elder hunsaker and I testified to him that he wanted to
do this step into the waters and have a remission of his sins. the
atonement was there for him. The blood sweat and tears. He walked in
and wept at the sight of the font, and as he was baptized you could
see the weight lifted off his shoulders. This Was one of the most
sacred experiences I have had. Christ was in his shoes He knows what
it feels like. What you need to teach on your mission is the atonement
and you will have one of the best converts and that is yourself.
Knowing that Christ preformed that for us . You Me and our brothers
and sisters that we are so blessed to have the privilege to teach and
preach too.
I hope this email makes it to everyone in my family. I really don't
know what I would do with out the great family I have oh starting with

grandma she is the sweetest I love her so much . I still remember at
wrestling matches get em baby:) love you grandma!

Grandpa if I could grow up to be a man like you. Every time I was in
your presence oh flex it's Grandpa got to get him smiling. Favorite
memory way to many to choose from your pretty much my hero grandpa!

Aunts - oh what great examples you are to me I look at people and then
I think of my family, i look at mothers out here and I see little
things like oh hey that reminds me of aunt Carrie :) ha I just want to
say thanks for putting up with me but I don't think you realize the
way I look at you. The way I learn from you I'm so thankful for your
examples of Faith in this gospel your so diligent in your callings.
Members like you make this church work. Thank you so much. Little
quote I think of moms every time I hear this quote just because I feel
like I see moms always cleaning cooking making there kids happy.
Doing all the things moms do!
" the average runner sprints until the breath in him is gone but the
champion has the iron will that makes him carry on. For rest the
average runner begs, when in limp his muscles grow but the champion
runs on leaden legs his spirit makes her go
The average women's complacent when he does his best to score,but the
champion does his best and then he does a little more" - unknown
Love Elder Davis

Uncles- oh where to begin. I know I deserved a lot more beatings Than
got but I'm thankful for my Uncles they pushed me strengthened me.
Loved me. You knew when I was down you knew when I was hurting. I want
to thank you for picking me up brushing me off and telling me that's
all you got ? :) kiddingly sometimes...
But I love it I do that out here with missionaries and to see there
reaction is priceless probably like the first time when you said it to
me. I appreciate the leadership qualities that you help me develop
because I know that I picked them up from each of you. Your such great
leaders so thankful for that . I can compare you guys to superman the
way you carry around yourselves. Maybe it's just men of God. Thank you
for being worthy to hold that same priesthood the Christ held to
perform so many blessings and miracles. It's so real I have seen it
work I'll testify till the day I die that it is real and can change
life's. Thank you
This quote reminds me of the hard work you put in everyday.

If you want a thing bad enough
To go out and go for it
Work day and night for it
Give up your time and your peace and your sleep for it
If only desire of it makes you mad enough never to tire of it.
Makes you all things tawdry and cheap for it
If life seems all useless and empty without it
And all that you scheme and you dream is about it
If gladly you'll sweat for it
Fret for it plan for it
If you simply go after the thing you want
With all your capacity,strength ,and sagacity
Faith hope and confidence stern pertinacity
Nor sickness nor pain of body and brain
Can keep you away from the thing you want,
If dogged and grim you besiege and beset it,
You'll get it."

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  1. So great to see the growth and feel the joy!