Monday, March 24, 2014

Words from Sister Kortlynn Herring in Japan

"How art thou guys? Hehe! My English has become incredible, let me
tell you :) Chandon! Oh my goodness you are going on a mission, to
my favorite city! That's so so so cool! I'm bummed you aren't coming
to the wonderful country of Japan, but Washington D.C. is stinking
awesome! Congrats! June 11th, wow! Haiyai! That's so fast! I'm
just so proud of you, I think my wonderful companion is getting tired
if me randomly muttering "Washington D.C. wow!" To myself....but oh
well! Sounds like you all have been having a lovely spring break! It
snowed here last week, but today it's beautiful! I even went outside
without my coat on! For the first time in 6 months! Hurray! I'm so
excited to see Sakura! The cherry blossoms, I have heard they are so
beautiful! Kelli and Travis huh, I knew that would be happening soon!
You will have to tell them congrats for me! And that's so cool about
Maddy getting her call to Rome! Tell her congrats too!

Ok, mom to answer your question about Facebook, no I don't see your
posts. Facebook is still no contact with anyone unless they are in
your mission, like an investigator or member. You are more then
welcome to look at what I'm doing, and like what I'm doing, but
everything I do is just mission related. So please keep sharing
updates and pictures through email! Thank you!

This week was great! We met with 2 less actives that we have been
working with for a long time and had great lessons with both if them.
One even came to church late after work and asked if she could still
take the sacrament. The other said that since we have been meeting
her, she has realized changes she needs to make in her life, and she
wants to repent. She met with the branch president and talked about
it and has started paying her tithing again! It's so great seeing
them come back into the gospel. They both have had some hard
challenges, and just reminding them that they have a Heavenly Father
and a Savior, who will always be there to help and strengthen them has
been so awesome! So please pray for Ogura Shimai and Kondo Shimai!
They are great, and are almost reactivated! I don't know if I have
mentioned this before, but there are only about 13 active members in
my branch and over 100 less active members. If we were able to reach
and reactivate a third of that, we would become a ward! Plus
continuing to bring new members into the fold. So crazy! We can do

At eikaiwa this week, we had our recent convert who turned less active
come finally. She use to come to church every week and eikaiwa every
week as well, then in January she just stopped coming and we lost all
contact with her. Well, she came, and it was really sad, she had a
mcdonalds bag full of all her scriptures and what not asking if she
could quit. But I was able to talk to her and see what happened. Her
family doesn't know that she is a member, and she was really stressed
about that and some other things. But after talking with her, she
kept her scriptures, and we are meeting this week. She was one of my
best friends since coming to Sanjo. And I've been so worried about
her. But after talking with her, even though the situation looks
bad, I felt so much peace. And now we know what her struggle is, and
we can help her. I love Mieko Shimai!

Our other investigators have all been busy lately, because this time
of years is when the Japanese school year ends, so everyone is busy
with that and we haven't been able to meet much. But we have been
able to email and call, so it's all good, just a busy time of year.
Oh, and today we met with our super depressed investigator and had a
great lesson with her! Hopefully we can get her to start progressing
towards baptism again!

So yes, we had a great week! Oh and we had zone conference, which was
awesome! I love pres. Budge! He is amazing! And this week we have
zone meeting, and it's my first time giving a real training with the
zone leaders. We have been planning it the last couple of days, and
I'm super nervous! I still feel like a new missionary, and it's a bit
intimidating training other missionaries, when you still feel like you
need to be trained, but in preparation for it, I've learned a lot, so
that is good. Wish me luck!

Well, that's my week, it was a great one! I can't believe it's almost
April! Crazy! Today is my 11 month mark! I can't believe it's
almost been a year! Wow! I love you all and hope you have a
fantastic week! Being on being wonderful! I love each and everyone
of you! Grandma and grandpa Herring, thanks for your emails! I love
reading them every week! Thanks!"

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