"I am doing really well. The work here is going great and we had our
best week for finding new investigators and teaching. That stinks
about Coulson's feet, we'll be praying for him and hopefully swimming
will be good. I can't believe Grandma and Grandpa have been married
for that long, tell them I love them and give everyone a hug for me.
How is Jace doing with everything, Mom and Aunt Laurine said he's
getting tall. It's the last week of the second transfer and Elder
Sorensen is being transferred to Blacksburg, VA to the Virginia Tech
campus. He'll be in the YSA ward down there so it shouldn't be too
much of a culture shock. I'm staying in the Morgantown area in the
University Ward and I'll have the opportunity to train a brand new
missionary. They also called me to be the district leader for the
area, which should be a good experience. I'm a little bit nervous
because all of the other missionaries are a lot more experienced but
when President Pitt called to give me the assignment it was neat
because he didn't say I want you to do this, he said the Lord has
asked that you be here doing this. So who am I to argue with the big
man upstairs. I am really excited to be a trainer though, its a unique
responsibility but I can't wait to get to know the new missionary and
help him be successful. It was a huge blessing to have Elder Sorensen
as a trainer because if I do half as well I won't mess up too bad.
Haha. Kate's baptism was awesome. She came up out of the water and
just looked absolutely full of light. She brought all of her friends
and we had two of our investigators, Quin and Marcus, there. When the
ordinance was over Quin walked over to me and asked if I felt that. I
think that may have been the first time he's felt the Spirit like
that, or had the means to explain what he was feeling. I love
baptisms. I got to confirm Kate on Sunday and it was one of those
awesome and sacred experiences. It was one of those times you just
felt spirits magnify. We've seen her a couple of times since Friday
and she still has a huge smile on her face. We're starting her new
member lessons and trying to get her integrated to the whole Mormon
culture of things. I think one of my biggest fears now is having a
less active recent convert. Josh and Kate are doing awesome so now
it's making sure there is a good system to receive and help people.
One of the things we're going to start doing is having the members
baptize and confirm the new members. I remember them doing that in St.
Johns and it sounded like it would work really well. I imagine of
you're the one to baptize someone you're more likely to make sure they
don't go inactive. This week we taught Marcus the Word of Wisdom with
an object lesson. We took two cardboard boxes over, one that was empty
and one that we filled with Church resources and magazines and a
journal so that he had good stuff in his house. The empty box we
filled with all of his cigarettes, coffee, alcohol, and anything that
would keep him from living the Word of Wisdom or the law of chastity.
He was pumped to get all of it out of his house and he loved the stuff
we brought him. His girlfriend was there and we got to teach her about
the restoration. We're meeting with her again on Wednesday. Things are
going really well here and I think it'll continue. Thank you guys for
all of your prayers and support and I love you so much. I can't wait
to hear from you again. I love you."