Monday, March 24, 2014

Words from Elder Tyler Johnson in Kansas

"I'm doing awesome! i got a new comp that is so into the work and we are making some way good progress we went up and talked to the bishop yesterday about some serious drama we found out about the ward and how the past missionaries have lost the trust of the ward and the bishop was so ready to help us so we went to some of the home teachers and set up times to go out with them. our home teaching is below 20% so we have a goal to raise that for the ward and get that up by setting up times to go with members and since they wont come out with us to apts we will take them out home teaching to help them then after we will go out to our investigators we set for that day for them to be taught with a member and so the member can see the work and how its hastening and also use the member to bear his testimony and have his faith grow! we are sooo excited to get this ward involved!!!! this is going to be a power full ward they have so much potential its just the missionaries that were here were not so diligent in the work."

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