Sunday, March 23, 2014

Words from Elder Bo Mullenaux in California

"It has been a great week!! From Nacho Libre corn to digging ditches, to miracles with missionary work! Life is awesome! haha So as we walked down the road, there are Hispanics that have little bicycle cart things that they sell ice cream, chips, candy, everything from. Awhile back my companion and i saw someone getting some corn and we said, " save me some of dat corn..." so the next time we passed the cart, we couldn't resist. It was pretty good haha :)

Also, on Saturday, we did service. It was a lot of fun! We dug a trench from about 1:00 to 4:00!! I cant believe how long it's been since I've actually done some physical labor! I feel like a little girl! haha but it was fun.

Yesterday, we parked the car and walked down a bike path that went along the river. We walked really far. As we came up on this one guy, he said," why is it that whenever I'm going through a rough time, i always run into you guys?!" We found out that he, Clement, had been meeting with missionaries about a year ago and missed his own baptism. he is also going through some rough trials. We taught him and prayed with him and he expressed that he wants to be baptized. Elder Page jokingly said, ok lets go right now and pretended to walk a little ways towards the river. Clement thought he was being serious and he was ready to do it!! haha But he agreed to take the lessons again.

Well, i love you all and hope you all have a great week. I couldn't be doing better out here and i feel nothing but complete support from all of you. I love you!!"

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