Sunday, March 16, 2014

Words from Sister Elese Hauser in Illinois

"Well I appreciate all of your concern about my ear, but all is well!
My Dad said that I made him proud by taking care of my medical
problems all by myself and putting my big girl pants on! But I think
he forgot that I wear a skirt. C'mon Dad, I put my big girl skirt on
every single morning! Well this is somewhat of a bittersweet week for
me. Exactly 9 months ago from yesterday I cried from the pulpit as I
gave my farewell. And a Wednesday is exactly my half way mark. I just
can't believe it! 2 areas, 3 companions, 2 baptisms, and many life
changing experiences, I am not the same person I was when I first came
out. Which I am so grateful for! I have seen how The Lord has put each
and every challenge in my path because it's exactly what in need. My
knowledge of this gospel has expanded more than I ever thought
possible. I am so grateful I went English speaking because I love
being able to focus and devote all of my time to learning this gospel.
I have seen things come true from my setting apart blessing and
patriarchal blessing. If these first nine months have gone by so
quickly I can only imagine how fast these next nine months will go. So
transfers are next week. I will let you know all know next Monday what
will be going on. Sister Dias and I both have this small feeling that
I'll be the one to leave. We have no way to know since we got here at
the same time but we'll see. I really don't want to leave Oswego! The
members here are absolutely incredible and I love this area so much!
But I will go where ever The Lord needs me. So Mom, just send that
letter to the regular address at the mission office that you usually
send things to because I may not still be here at this address by the
time the letter gets here.
This week Sister Dias and I experienced what life is like without the
gospel, the real world. We got a text on Saturday from Leena saying
that her husband had abused her and she called the cops and they came
and took him away. We went right over to Leena's house and she opened
the door, my heart sunk. Half of her face was swollen and her bottom
lip was split. We asked her how she was doing and she responded fine
as tears streamed down her face. We sat and cried and talked with her
for while. I can only imagine the emotions and how scared she must be
feeling especially since this is the second time this has happened.
Well that night she worked from 1:00 am - 9:00 am and we needed to
find a place for her 6 year old daughter to stay. So we scrambled and
figured everything out for her. As we sat around Leena's table, it hit
me how much the gospel protects us from. There is a very obvious
reason for the Word of Wisdom and other commandment we have in the
church, they are there to protect us. Now Leena, who has no family
here, doesn't drive, and speaks broken English, will have to get a
restraining order on her husband. She wanted to leave several times
but has no place to go and can't go back to India because she is
waiting for her passport. I can't imagine the sorrow she must be
feeling at this time. I am so truly humbled and grateful for the
Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. My eyes were opened to how the rest
of the world lives their lives with out it. And it's not a pretty
sight. It's a life of sorrow, misery, and loneliness. So if you want
to be happy, then keep the commandments. It's as simple as that. We
told Leena about the atonement and helped her realized how she can use
it to heal from all of this. She has a very long road ahead of her, no
matter what way she chooses. So that was the most traumatic and
eventful part of our week. And there's not much more news to report.
So I hope that you all have a great week! Good luck in the play! Try
not to break a leg, it's not very fun. And I look forward to getting
your letters!!! I love you all!"

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