Monday, March 24, 2014

Words from Elder Rick Bloomfield in the Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission

"This week was a really awesome week. We had our vision of baptism and made plans to improve and it made the week turn out great we got like 10 new investigators. It was a really fun and effective week. I'm really trying hard to be diligent in my studies and trying to love my companion and listen to his advice. We got a family to church, then they left after sacrament. We also had another guy stay with us almost all of church. We are going to try and get them baptized next Sunday. I drove to another town about 20 minutes away to have an exchange and picked up a new missionary that has been out the same time I have been. Both of us new guys were together for a night and a morning. It wasn't the funnest but driving to the other town I saw a gator in a canal. Today i might get a haircut from a awesome lady in our ward. Thanks for telling me all this about the cows and my brothers it really is fun to hear. About the temple open house its starting this week i think and goes for 3 weeks we can go if investigators and members take us, I'm scared I wont make it to it but hopefully someone will take us. We are going to sing at the cultural celebration in front of the Prophet, that's so awesome. I love being a missionary. This week is bike week, pray for me haha! I love you all!!! Have a great week. - Elder Rick Bloomfield"

Rick's address is Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission 7951 S W 6th St, Ste 110, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33324-3211

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