Sunday, March 16, 2014

Words from Elder Tyler Crosby in Tonga

"Sorry I didn't write last week. I got transferred so we didn't get time to email. I got transferred to a village called Holonga. Its a pretty small village and the work is really hard in this area, but we can always help somehow. I did get a new companion though! And you would never have guessed it, He is from Utah and has only been out 4 months now. SO we have two white kids in our area who have been out less than a year and are still trying to speak Tongan. We do pretty good together though. We knew we were going to have a lot of faith and trust in the lord this transfer. It was definitely sad leaving my old comp because we have been together so long, but now that I have moved my Tongan is 10x better already. I have already learned so much from my new comp and we have a lot of fun working hard and actually being able to keep all the mission rules is the best thing in the world. Last week we taught a lot of less-active members. We don't have any investigators right now but we are just trying to strengthen the members and help the less-actives. As long as we help someone I am satisfied. Because I know sometimes we aren't going to have teachings, but we can always do something for someone even if they don't accept our message. I hope work is going good and hope to hear back form you. I got to go email with the zones today luckily and I don't know if there is Internet in our area I am pretty sure we don't so I already have letters ready to send if I cant email. Love you lots.
-Elder Crosby

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