Sunday, March 16, 2014

Words from Elder Kade Garner in Peru

"So today we got the news about transfers... looks like I have got at least six more weeks in paradise. My companion was sure that he was going, but he is not. He really wanted to go, but hey we cannot pick and choose where we go. I am just super glad that I am not going back to the city they call Lima or as I call it Slima... because it is dirty. Sadly however, one of my really good friends from the district, Elder Larsen, is leaving tonight. It is always sad to lose a friend, but hey we will probably see each other before either one of us goes home.

So this week was a lot of finding. We are just looking for people that want to better their lives and follow Jesus Christ. However, the prettier your area that you work in the harder of heart the people can be, but I am sure that we are going to find a lot of families here very soon that are married and want to follow Christ. In fact, this week we found a family of FOUR! It may not be a huge family, but I am very positive that they are going to accept the Gospel here soon.

When I started the mission I absolutely hated knocking doors. I thought it was the worse thing in the world. It is because I am a very shy person until I get to know someone and talking to strangers is not something that I liked to do. Especially on their door step because they are always a little more mean when they are in their own territory for lack of better words. However, I know like to do it. It is actually really fun to see what type of person lies behind each door. It is almost like a game. At times, okay, more than not, they shut the door quickly, but I have learned to get into almost any house. Now getting the person to progress is another story but hey I feel I am half-way there. If I can get into most houses why can´t I get most people to progress? This is something that I am going to work on a lot.

Okay, well today we went to Oca Pampa. It is a really cool area up in the tops of the Andes mountains where there are waterfalls and other cool stuff to see. I told you all last week that my memory card had a virus so I bought a new one. Sadly the computer wants to format it which means it would erase all the photos that I took this week, so you will all have to wait to see the pics another day. Lo siento, pero así es la vida. Really though, I am buying a house up here one day. Being here can only make you sure that God exists. I do not know if there is a prettier place in the world. I am going to be homesick for this place that is for sure. I grow more in love with every aspect of it every day. The people, the mountains, the culture... and even the simplicity of life and that is coming from the kid who loves to be on the computer or playing on his ipad.

So that was the week. Sorry that it was not something super spiritual, but sometimes that happens. While we did not see many miracles in the lives of others I can say that I have seen a few in my own. I have become so converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And while I am learning every day... and the doctrine that I am beginning to learn for myself is incredible, I now know Who my Savior is. I am beginning to understand His purpose in my life and that of others. I am begining to understand exactly what He did for us and the mercy that Heavenly Father and all who are involved in our salvation have for us. I know that Jesus Christ makes eternal life possible. I know that He loves us perfectly and that He knows us perfectly. I know that while Christ was in the garden of Gethsemani He did not want to go through the Atonement because He knew how hard it would be, but He did it because He wanted our salvation more than His comfort. I know that while suffering He thought about everyone of us individually. He knew the pains, sorrows, hardships, and sins that would plague us in this life and for that He did the unimaginable and bled from every pore. I know that just a few days later He was not killed but willing gave His life to give us ours. How great it is to have a Saviour who loves us enough to have died for us. I know that He did it and I know that He lives today. He is the Son of God, the Creator of this world, and our Loving-older brother.

Well I hope all is well for you all. Remember that when hardships come our way all we need to do is pray. Our Father loves us and will give us all we need if we only will reach out to Him in our times of need. Love you all and we will talk very soon. P.S. I am not trunky, but last night I had a dream that I was at home and the whole family and all my friends were together watching movies that came out while I was on the mission. In just more than nine months we should make that dream a reality. Oh an nine and a half months gives Taytum and Stormy just enough time to give me another nephew... you best be getting to work."

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