Saturday, March 8, 2014

Words from Elder Tyler Johnson in Kansas

"hey dad! sounds nice its so cold in Kansas. in salina its in the single digits.not use to this kind of weather. the work is going awesome we had elder Martino come from the 70 and he is a fireball he loves missionary work. i learned allot from him. i got allot of what he taught recorded its crazy how he can stand up and talk for 3 hours! the whole time i was thinking i really have to prepare myself if I'm ever going to be a 70 haha. i was so tired just from listening i couldn't imagine being up their speaking for that long and being so excited the whole time! other than that everything is going good. i have been doing family history work and saw some pics of nephie johnson your ggg grandpa and also Aurthor Johnson. i saw some pics of mom side too one of her g g g grandmas loved playing a musical instrument called an accordion? i think anyways it has a bunch of pics of her playing it ha its pretty sweet. I'm loving it out here the ward is good allot of drama! i can see how members go LA from other members ha. i love you dad thanks for e mailing me! take care!"

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