Sunday, March 23, 2014

Words from Elder Tyler Crosby in Tonga


"Sorry I didn't email you last week it was just all messed up. But this week has been a good one. Thanks for sharing that story about the kid in your class too. I know who Dion Perry is, haha He is a awesome funny kid I love those guys. Also thanks for your compliments I appreciate you always building me up its nice to hear. I also received some letters that were just great so thank you for those too:) Well, This week we had a baptism. We have teaching this kid for a while now and baptised him two days ago. It was really cool. I sure do love baptisms. They are really cool things to have and teaching this kid was just a blast. He is really an awesome kid. My companion and I are doing really good together, we Just work hard and have fun when we get too. I sure have learned a lot from him. We talked about it and we probably taught more lessons in a matter of a couple of weeks then we have the rest of our missions so far. Its crazy how much work you can do when you have two kids who like to work and keep the rules. I think the Lord also likes to help those who work hard. Its just been a blast and I love my mission. I have been feeling great and I love being able to learn so much everyday. Thanks for your sacrifice in putting me on my mission. I love you and hope you have a good week. "

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  1. Yea for hard-working, rule-keeping companions!!