Saturday, March 8, 2014

Words from Sister Kortlynn Herring in Japan

"So, today was transfer calls! My beloved daughter is leaving me. :(.
She is transferring down south, where it's warm and she gets to go to
the temple. No, I'm not jealous....hehe! And my new companion is
named sister lindquist, she is awesome! We knew each other at the mtc
and we are both sister training leaders. I'm excited, because
lindquist Shimai is legit!

This week was a great one! It always is! We had a cool miracle last
Monday. So on p-day we need to do 3 hours of missionary work, and we
decided to go contact a referral in Tsubame and go housing. Well, no
one was home, and we had about 3 min left, and I was tempted to just
walk back over to our bikes and call it good, but I felt like we
should just do a couple more houses. So we decided to go down this
street by our bikes, and the first house we knock on, the lady
answers, she isn't interested, but we mention that we teach free
English, she takes a flyer, and we ask her if she know anyone whom
would be interested in our message, and she gestures toward the house
next door and just says they like English. So we walk over and there
is a lady in the yard. We say konnichiha and she turns around and
says hello! I'm completely taken off guard, because when she turns
around, I see a gaijin, not a Japanese. Turns out she is from
Australia and has been living in japan for the last 14 years. She has
met with the Jehovah witnesses before, and she said she isn't very
interested in them, but she said we could come back. So we are
meeting her today! I'm excited, but super nervous! It will be weird
teaching in English! Her name is Katrina. Pray that everything goes
well, and that she feels the spirit and has a desire to learn!

Another awesome miracle, the elders were out streeting, and saw a lady
with heavy bags, so they offered to help her. She allowed them too
and they talked about religion, and it turns out she has been a member
of a lot of different churches, but she has always left because she
felt like they didn't have the whole truth. They asked of she was
interested in learning about our religion, and more about God, and she
said for sure! So they met with her one more time, talked about
Christ and the atonement, and baptism! They set a baptismal date with
her! And then the passed her over to us. Her name is H San.
She is super nice, and just wants to learn for herself if this message
is true, and if it's true she is willing to act on it! She has a
really bad WoW problem, but that's ok! Pray for her too please!

Then the rest of the week we were able to meet with other
investigators, less actives, and nice random people. The Lord is
really speeding, or hastening his work in Sanjo and I'm so glad I get
to be here at least one more transfer to be a part of it! I love
being a missionary! Especially in Sanjo. Our little branch is
little, but it's awesome! And the members have so much fire and love
and they are excellent! Keep being wonderful family! I love you!
The temple celebration thing looked awesome! I'm so grateful you all
got to be a part of it! What an amazing experience! You are all
amazing! And I got the package! Thank you so so so much! Love you!"

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