Sunday, March 23, 2014

Words from Sister Kortlynn Herring in Japan

"How are you? By the sound of your emails you sound great! I'm also
doing well! Sister Lindquist and are are just trying to preach the
gospel here in Sanjo, and it's been great! As you all know I have
become a Facebook missionary. Now the rules for that, is I can't
contact you or message you on Facebook, but you are free to see what
I'm doing. I will try to make my posts in both Japanese and English,
because it would be awesome if you re posted posts, and we were able to
share the gospel with everyone! So. Please, continue liking things,
especially when I get up and running, because there will be some great
things. I'm excited to use this new tool! It's a great way to
contact people and introduce them to the gospel in a non-threatening
way ya know!

Daddy!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! おめでとうございます!さすがお父さん!!!お父さんはrock
star です! I love you! I'm so proud! How do you feel? Like a new man?
😄. Yay!

Chandon! What the heck! I'm so glad you love me enough to remember
my phone number, but the waiting is killing me! I bet it is killing
you too! I remember waiting! It's so crazy that you are doing what I
was doing not that long ago! Ah! I can't wait to see where you will
go! That's so cool about Garrett and Eli! They will be great

Uncle Matt and aunt Tammy congrats! I'm so happy for you! Little
cousin Maggie! I can't wait to meet her! Thanks for the pictures!

Ok, so my week was ok :). A lot of people weren't able to meet, and we
had to do a couple conferences, but it was still good! Katrina, sadly
isn't interested. But that's ok, because today we got a referral from
the elders in Niigata, a 21 year old half philipino lady who is super
interested in the plan of salvation, and she is newly wed. Her name
is E and we should be meeting them this week! Yay! We also have an
investigator named K San. She has a hard time reading the Book of
Mormon, so in order to help her we made a scripture of the day chart
with check marks by them and asked her to read those everyday. We
followed up and she did! Yay! I hope this shows her that she does
have time to read, and I hope she felt the spirit. Little things like
that make me happy! This next week we have quite a few appointments
lined up, so hopefully it's a bit more busy and productive!

This week I have realized what a difference it makes when you are
happy. There have been times on my mission where I wasn't unhappy but
I wasn't happy either. Does that make sense? Like times when we were
out finding, and I realized, that I wasn't happy. So, I tried to
think about how I can be happy, even when I'm not doing the most fun
things, or days where we just don't see results. And I realized it
all has to do with love. When you think about the love you have for
The Lord, your companion, the church members, and these amazing people
that you are walking by or knocking on their doors, it suddenly
becomes fun! I was inspired by a dear mission friend of mine, she
said Dendo like a bro. Well, I have been trying to think about how I
could do that, and as I focused on the love that I feel for Heavenly
Father and the love that He has for those around me, and how we are
all brothers and sisters, everything suddenly became more fun! And I
have been happier. Dendo becomes exciting, instead of stressful.
Knocking on another door is fun, not scary, and it's just been great!
This gospel truly is good news, happy news, and when we choose to live
it, we can't help but become happier! I love that! And I love all of
you! I hope you have a great week! Keep being awesome! Chan I'm
anxious for your call! Dad don't get to crazy now that you are a
graduate! I love and adore each and everyone of you! Thank you for
your love, prayers and support! Keep being amazing!"

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