Saturday, March 8, 2014

Words from Elder Garrett Hollembeak in West Virginia

"Hi how are you guys doing? It sounds like the temple dedication was
awesome, I couple of the missionaries here have family in Arizona who
went to the dedication. Its a small Mormon world. I can't wait for
Kate to get baptized, we moved it to the twenty first because we had
Stake Conference this Sunday and Spring Break next Sunday. When we
prayed about her date tried to work around problems it was neat
because both Elder Sorensen and I felt impressed that it wouldn't
matter what day she got baptized, she was going to get there and it
was going to be alright. I'm very lucky to have the companion I have,
he's one of those people who seeks inspiration and receives it
quickly. This week we found a lot of great people to teach. We got a
big snow storm on Sunday night so I'm glad to hear some kind of
weather is getting to you guys. At Stake Conference Elder Robert Smith
of the Seventy came and spoke. He talked a lot about less active
would, retention of recent converts, and bringing members and
missionaries together. There is so much work to do here it's almost
overwhelming sometimes, but I love being a missionary and I am so
happy to have been called here. I love your guys and can't wait to
hear from you again. Give everyone a big hug for me. I love you Dad,
thank you for everything."

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