Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Words from Elder Chandon Herring in Washinton DC

Well family this week was another wonderful week in the Greatest Mission in the History of life! We have been seeing a lot of mini miracles of the Lord providing a way for his work to move forward. He
gives us gentle humbling reminders that this is His work and we are just here to basically watch it happen. We do our best to be worthy to be at the right place at the right time. One of those experiences
happened last month. We were visiting another Ward just to take the sacrament because we missed our ward for meetings. As we were in sacrament meeting the Stake President cracked open the door and
motioned for us to come out. He is the stake president and VP of the University of Maryland so we obeyed. He introduced us to two people named Amire and Roxanna. They are from India and speak Hindi. Amire is the one who speaks good English while Roxanna speaks none. Anyway Roxanna was given a pass along card and she looked up the church address. She came and brought Amire to translate. He had zero interest but supported her. They had missed church but we taught them a brief lesson on the Restoration and got their info to pass it along. We thought they were great, sent off the referral and didn't think much else. Then this last week we reviewed the baptismal report and they are both on date to be baptized! We were super excited! And it does not end there. We went to a baptism in Glenn Dale and there they were,  seeing how a baptism went with their missionaries (sisters who were teaching the ). We saw them and talked for a while. Amire was not interested at first, but he said, "As I translated for Roxanna I felt something and knew this to be true. I just felt different." Yes they did! They read the Book of Mormon in two weeks. So we had a joyful reunion with them and boy did they glow. :) but yet again the story is not over. That night (last night) at Presidents home for dinner we got a call from their sister missionaries. They said that Amire and Roxanna wanted us to baptize them! We were pumped! 

We have been running into some more people who are just so sincere and wanting to follow Christ. They want truth but really don't know where to find it. Until they talk to us that is :) so that was the highlight of my week. They are being baptized on November 8th the day after Madisen's Bday.

Life is good and we are getting a lot done! Also President Nelson of the Quorum of the 12 is coming here in late November. And I got to call and talk to members of the 1st Quorum of the 70. Love it! And I found the extension numbers for all church leadership. And I mean all ;) hahahahahahaha (oh dear, funny boy)

love you all!

-Elder Herring

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