Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Words from Elder Levi Crosby in Kentucky

Well everyone this was one crazy week. So I got transferred down to
Winchester, TN. I moved from Bowling Green which is at the top of the
mission boundaries, to here which is the bottom of the mission so it's
a big change. It really is a lot more humid down here. Thank goodness
I wasn't here in the summer! But Winchester has a little branch here
and we don't have a building so instead.... The branch goes to a
funeral home and that's where we do all of the meetings and stuff so
that was very.. Different! Haha but it's great. The members are super
helpful and just solid. We get fed a lot so that's the best part! My
new companion is Elder Brown, he is from California and has been out
for 20 months. He is pretty cool. I think him and I will do great over
here. We don't have very many investigators so that is what we are
going to focus on is finding some people. But I am pretty exited to
get to know this little area and help this area out. We bike a lot
because we share a car with some hermanas and you know how sister can
be... Haha but anyways how is everybody doing??:) exited for the
football game this weekend?? I sure hope everybody isn't dumb and
let's that rivalry crap get in the way of good sportsmanship. So be
safe this weekend!

So fun fact about today. I get up this morning to make my bed and what
do you know... I find this little bug in my sheets. Then we look under
the box spring and there was 15 more bed bugs! So that's what my p-day
consisted of! Getting rid of these stupid things! So that's why you
got this email today Instead of yesterday! Haha But you have to love
the south! It sure is wearing on me:) but anyways I love y'all and I
hope y'all have a good week!:)

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