Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Words from Elder McKell Bradshaw in Scotland

Definition of this week: "A lot of Finding..." Yeah so, when you're in the process of building a teaching pool, you do a lot of finding. We kept track of the time we spent finding, and we had over 25 hours worth of finding this week.... that is a lot! Most of the week was pretty sad because we weren't finding a lot of people. No one really for the most part... I think like 5 potentials on the week... but you're gonna think I'm crazy, but one of the best weeks of my mission!!! Those 5 potentials were amazing!! One of them even set up the return appointment herself!! Man and I thought Elder Livingston was crazy when he said he wanted to go for 5 New Investigators this week! Like the most we've had in a week has been 2! So I don't know why I was all in agreement with him, but something said that 5 was what we needed to go for! I'm really excited for this upcoming week! Hopefully some big things are on the verge of happening!! Other than finding, nothing too crazy happened this week, but it was still a great one! Hope everyone has a great week! Peace out!

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