Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Words from Elder Samuel Isaacson in Argentina

well this week in disrtict meeting i conducted it! my first thing to conduct and it was in spanish!! so it was really rough!! ahha and my comp who is fluent said the prayer!! haha

we had a second lesson with kendy on thursaday she seems really interested in the gosple!! whitch is awesome!! i think she is already married and everything that way!! so i hope she gets baptized!! she has german ansestory and has the preetiest blue eyes ive eer seen!! 

friday we didnt talk to anyone except a less active! we went by alicia and he rkids were outside saying that she wasnt here so my comp said go ask her whe shell be abck!! haha and they did but only one little girl came back and said she doesnt want us there and that we should walk on our way! so we did we walked about 25 feet to dcide what we were gonna do. then a little boy cam back out with a slingshot saying the same thing that we should leave or he will shoot! so we start walking and he shoots and hit my com in the arm!! haha its sad hpw things were progressing with her and now they arent!! i hope she lets us back in!!

saturday was good we had lunch with a new less active hermana it was really good!! she gave me a bit of a ckicken stomick! haha it was good!! but she is so honest its mean! haha she told my comp for how long hes been in argentina his spanish isnt very good!! haha but she sure can cook!! 

sunday i directed the sacerment meeting!! it was good thing i wrote everything i needed to say down or else i wouldve looked like an idit!! haha we culdnt go out at all on sunday afternoon because they were electing the new president of arentina! and everyone would be getting drunk!! haha

well that was my week!!

i love yo guys!! thanks for everythng youve done for me!! 

love elder isaacson! 

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