Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Words from Sister Hannah Platt in Honduras

Hello my dear friends and family!!

How are everyone on this beautiful day? :) well, i have lots of news! First off, we had changes again! SOme sisters here in the city needed emergency changes so they called us and i have a new new companion. haha Her name is hermana Hackney and she is from California. She will be leaving in December so this is her last change. This week was relaly good. We were able to listen to the area President, Elder Duncan and he really opened our eyes to the way our misison needs to work. It was so wonderufl for us. We have made a lot of goals as a mission and as a companionship and i am so excited to see the changes that will take place. Walter is doing well! :) He is still reading and praying. The only problem is that he lives in antoher ward and we might have to hand him off to those missionaries, but whatever happens, i am just soo grateful for the chance i have had to know him and help learn of the gospel and of the Savior and the Restoration. We also are taching a new part-member family. The mom, Mayra, is a member, but the dad, Yury, is not. SO we have been working with them and he came to church yesterday! yay! :) I am soo grateful for the chance to teach families. The gospel makes such a difference in the lives of families as they pray together, read the scriptures together, have family nights, and go to church each Sunday. I know with my whole heart that families are eternal! All familes can be forever. It is possible through our savior! THis week we had exchanges with some sisiters who have been ahving a lot of problems in their companionship adn i learned so much from them. We were able to work with them and help them make goals and i learned and saw the difference the atonement can make in relationships. As we apply the atonemetn no only in our personal lives, but in our ralationships, we will have stronger ties and happier moments. The Atonement is key to happiness and to success and i know that ot be true. 

Well folks, thats all i have time for! Bu ti sure love you all and i am so grateufl for all that you do! have such a wonderufl week!
Hermana Platt

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