Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Words from Elder Levi Crosby in Kentucky

Well hello there everyone! How have y'all been?? I'm sure you've been doing great. I hope the sports team did good last weekend:) so this week was pretty good. We kinda of had some slow days because my companion was kind of sick but other than that it was alright. We had the chance to go down the Jasper, TN which is at the very bottom of the mission for district meeting and that was cool. This week has just been cold. Has it been getting cold over there?? But I'm glad it cooling off because that means the humidity kind of dies out. Haha but this weekend was pretty tough for us to not get into people's homes but to get them to pay attention to what we were trying to teach. Of coarse there was Saturday night football that goes on and It seems like everybody over here watches it. So that was what we faced all weekend. Haha but yesterday we had a pretty good sacrament meeting. Our church meetings got cut 2 hours short because there was a funeral again... Lol it just cracks me up when that happens! But next week we have mission conference and a member of the 70 is going to speak to us and I'm pretty exited about that. 

So the spiritual thought that I have this week is about the history of the church. I have been reading in the "Our Heritage" book that missionaries get when they serve and it talks about the restoration and all of the trails and tribulations that the saints faced back in the 1800s. And man they went though some tough stuff. The sacrifices that they made for the organization of the church is incredible. They had so much faith that the lord would deliver them from their enemies and into the promised land, and he did. And so I challenge you to read and study about the history of the church and what our pioneers went through. I know by reading from their experiences and trials it will build your own testimony and faith that the lord will provide a way. It has done that for me. 

Anyways I hope and pray that y'all are doing well and choosing the right. I love each and everyone of you and I'm thankful for all of the support you have given me. Don't forget about Veterans Day this Wednesday! Go and give thanks to all of those who have served and are still serving.

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