Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Words from Elder Levi Crosby in Kentucky

Well everyone my week was pretty good! Super busy! I think we had a
total of 25 lessons! Too much for me. Haha fast Sunday was pretty good
yesterday. We had to leave church early yesterday because there was a
funeral service!! Haha I guess that's what you get for having your
sacrament meeting in a funeral home! So we had a miracle happen this
week! Well I guess the first one is that there wasn't any huge fights
over the SJ vs. RV game! Just kidding. I heard that went good and that
there was good sportsmanship. That's how it should be! But the
miracles we had was when our investigator came to church our members
were just so welcoming to him and he said because of that he wants to
become a member and now we set a baptismal date with him for the 21st
of November! We are super exited. He was just one of those golden
investigators who as prepared by the lord for us and I am so thankful
for that. My mission has opened my eyes to a lot the important things
in life and if I had never served a mission I would have never seen
those keys principles and blessing in my life. I am so thankful for
the opportunity that I have to serve the people of Tennessee.

The highlight of this week was we went to this southern restaurant and
I had some of the best catfish ever. The south has truly converted me
on that! I hope and pray you guys have a good week:)

Elder Crosby

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