Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Words from Elder Garrett Hollembeak in West Virginia

It was a great week here in Parkersburg. Today is transfer P-Day and I
got the word that I am finishing my mission in the great area of
Parkersburg. When I leave in December I'll have been here almost a
full year. The work is going great and our members are phenomenal. We
went to one family to follow up on a referral and he went out and
introduced us to a bunch of his neighbors. I wanted to include a few
funny phrases that we heard over the last little bit. The people here
love to tell stories but the one liners are hard to beat.

"And that ladies and gentlemen is why I am no longer allowed to sell
Kirby vacuums in the state of Ohio"

"If someone keeps peeing in your cornflakes, you might just need to
move your bowl of cornflakes"

"Be careful with that, that's my shine jug"

"I exercise my right to use herbs with prudence and thanksgiving.. daily"

"If a West Virginia couple gets a divorce, are they still cousins?"

I also wanted to include a few that were a little more spiritual. The
people here are some of the most faithful saints I've ever met.

"Ten percent doesn't even begin to give back what the Lord has given to me"

" 'Will you endure to the end by living faithful to the covenants you've made?'
  'Gladly' "

"I know Dad (Heavenly Father) has got my back because I wouldn't be
here if He didn't love me"

"Teach me"

I hope you guys have a great week and are happy and safe. I love you
and am so thankful for you.

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