Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Words from Elder Samuel Isaacson in Argentina

this week has been good! we have had a bunch of first lessons with people! but ill see if they let us back in for the second!

we are teaching this one lady and she invited her family to listen! and if i decide to come back to argentina to marry one of my converts i have deffinantly found the girl i get!!! she is smoking!! my trainer is teaching me about chapter 14 of pmg. flirting to convert the snakes!! haha my cowboy charm worked in the states we'll see how it translates into spanish!! hahahaha

but really we taught them a good lesson i think they liked it! i think that family will progress. claudia the lady we first started teaching has talked with missionaries before but her husband didnt like it so she stop but  hher husband just lost his job and said its okay if we teach her again!! maybe we´ll baptize a whole family!!

this other snake... i mean family we are teaching we have passed by multiple times and have taught a different person every time!! haha but every person we{ve talked to has been really nice!! maybe one day we´ll get a second lesson!! ahah

well last night we got a call from the hermanas and they are leaving vera because there pencion is closing! so niw we have all of vera!!! vera is huge when your walking everywhere!! but we get all their investigators!! it should be a good fun exsperince!!!

we went by alicia again ( the lady with the kids that spit and throw rocks!!) and well i got spit on again!! so we have given up on her!! at  least for a few weeks!! all she would have to do if she didnt want us there was tell us nit have her kids lie and spit!!

so we past by a house were we eat lunch to talk to the guy since hes not a member! and we started talking about horses and stuff! and he said he would trade my boots for a pair of argentine spurs! haha i cant decide if its a good trade!! haha he also gave me a hair cut but my head looks so round!! he said he cut it like that cause i didnt talk for myself!! learned my lesson for not talking with him!! haha my comps hair it looks really nice!! he said hed fix mine when it grows longer!! haha

well thats about my week!thanks for al your letters!! and all the support!! i love you all!

love elder isaacson

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