Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Words from Elder Kyle James in Germany

Liebe Famile  

Coming  to you from Karlsruhe! I love this place! A wonderful place to be serving right now. Our whole district lives in the same apartment building, the work is going great, all four of us got 250 euro to buy new bikes, and we live right above the Schwarzwald! I would be perfectly ok dying here haha. 
Here are the elders here:

Vorimo- district leader, half finish, great dude. 
Anderson- vorimos son, hilarious dude that was a competitive chef before the mission.
Draper- my comp. great, chill dude. We get along very well.
all of us get along great and we are having a blast here:) so great!

So I'll describe my week!

Last Monday, we went and ate together as a district. It was fun. I packed a little and wrote emails and such. We had to go a little early to have our last appointment with the Reynolds. It was good:) then we met with the Riches right afterward. It was good to say goodbye to everyone.

On Tuesday, we packed, and then met with a member family that night. They actually have a son in Vince's mission. Elder Westhof? We also worked on Tschüß Books and stuff. Other than that... It was just cleaning and preping.

Wednesday was the leaving day! We said goodbye to everyone and finished my packing. Bader, Hall, Moore and I ate some Chinese food. The transfer was super complicated, because prez doesn't want everyone to come to Frankfurt anymore. So Elder Bader, being transferred to Worms, rode with me to Heidelberg. The train ride was horrible! Haha the train kept stopping for some reason! We had to transfer trains in Mannheim, but our train was late, so we missed our connection. It was hard, because we had to carry all of our stuff without any help. So we made it to the next train, and it was packed with people...we store our luggage on the train, packed in it, for 30 minutes. A girl was standing next to me, holding her stomach, sounding like she was gonna puke. I was so scared she was gonna puke on my stuff haha. Well, we finally made it to Heidelberg. We met our comps, and we were on our way to Karlsruhe... We made it back late that night, and I unpacked, and that was it!

Thursday- we had a normal day of studies, and then we hit the streets. We talked to a lot of people and saw a lot of cool things. The street trains are awesome here.  Everything has been going great. We had two appointments and they were awesome.

Friday was also cool... We did weekly planning next to our normal studies. We met with two ladies, who are investigators. One has a b date and the other is on track for one. Busy day. We also eat with the other elders down strairs. They are great. 

Saturday, we had an awesome street display with just us four, and we did work. I handed out 7 books of Mormon and got some contact info. It lasted quite a while. I loved it. I can't wait to go to the Schwarzwald next week on our bikes! We also finished weekly planning and had a lesson with another investigator.

Sunday was great. I've been quite cold lately, cuz my big coat looks pretty nazi. So, I went shopping today and bought a new coat and shoes. They look good so it will be good. But anyway, Sunday. Sunday we went to church and I met the ward. It's a good ward. Pretty big. They members aren't so friendly, but it's ok. I'll learn to love those Germans again haha. After that, we went contacting. I talked to three guys. They are meeting with us tomorrow with all of their friends... Should be interesting. Haha call ins were great. Just dinner at the other elders house.  Awesome:)

Today we went shopping and played soccer. I still hate soccer. But shopping was good. Like I said, I bought new shoes and a coat. Merry Christmas to me!

Everything is going fantastic. I love life here. I love doing everything! 

Next week we are going to the Schwarzwald on our new bikes! We are going biking through the blackforest. Once in a life time opportunity next week:)

Other than that... Everything is great. I love life. I know the church is true.

I love you guys so much!


Elder James 

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