Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Words from Sister Hannah Platt in Honduras


another short email! haha like always! Well, you are probably all wondering what in the heck the title of my email means. So i will explain ;) THis week, i read a talk called ´´There is no magic in a mission call´´. The writer said that many times, as soon as we recieve our calls about we were are going to serve, the whole world autimatically expects that we are different. That there is some kind of magic in the call the changes us right then and there. When we come into the field, everyone thinks the same thing. That because we arre missionries, we are changed. And it is ture, the mission call does change us. We become authorized servant of our Lord Jesus Christ. But, that does not mean that we change. Change is a choice we each have to make. We are all in a conversion process, and change does not happen immedietely. The sons of Mosiah and Alma were some of the best missionaries that have ever lived. But i love what it says about them. That they became mighty instruments in the hand of the Lord, after they had fasted, prayed, and searched the scriptures. In Alma 5, he says that he recieved his testimony only after he had prayed and fasted a lot. I have come to realize that so much in my mission. Just because we are missionaries does not mean we have changed. We change by choice. As we use the atonment of Jesus Christ, as we repent, as we pray, as we turn to God, we change. It like a lot of things in our lives. There is no magic in marriage. Just becuase we get married, does not mean that everything will now be perfect. We must work to have a happy and healthy marraige. It is like that with all things. There is magic however in the atonement of Jesus Christ. It can change us as we work to use it. This mission has been the best decision of my life. It is sooo hard. But, it has made me realize what change is and how much we need the atonement in our lives. How much i need the atonement! I love this gospel. With all that i have. I know this is the true church. I know Christ lives. I know He loves us and i know He will never leave us. 

THis week, we had ana amazing experience. A family, la familia Funez, was baptized this week. They have been investigating the chruch for a year now, and last monday, they made the decision to get baptized. I havn´t known them for very long, but it was such a blessing fo rme to be in their baptism. It has been a tough road for them. But they have such strong testimonies and to see them make that choice was a blessing for me. 

Well, thats all i have time for. I sure love you all and i am soo grateful for your prayers. Thanks for all tha tyou do fo rme!!! I love you all!!
Hermana Platt

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